The AArete Guarantee

Data is the core of everything we do. Across all industries and business functions,  digital transformation powers us to make informed decisions that deliver measurable results. Because of this, our work is guaranteed with prompt delivery. We believe in our people and we strive to build relationships with our clients so we can transform your business together.


Legal Legal

Law firms faced financial pressures during the recession. Today they find the markets starting to heat up and demand has improved. While this return to growth is happening, bottom line focused law firms are eager to utilize our services to find ways to squeeze partner profits out of the increasing revenues per partner.  The mandate: reduce costs without impacting results continues to be one of every law firm CFO’s top three priorities.  Below are the four primary services we provide law firms:

  • Strategic Cost Reduction
  • Integration Support
  • Litigation Support
  • Revenue and efficiency optimization

We are a data-driven firm. Our data analytics distill meaningful information on costs, offering solutions for better risk-reward outcomes. We also run detailed cost analyses to figure out how future matters can be better managed.

What AArete Can Do For You

  • Strategic Cost Reduction
  • Integration Support
  • Litigation Support
  • Spend Optimization Assessments
  • Employee Medical/Pharmacy Benefits Trend Curve Reduction

Government / Public Sector Government / Public Sector

We help clients in city, county, state and federal agencies to meet their goals under challenging circumstances. Today, public-private partnerships are on the rise, as all public agencies attempt to address declining revenues, fiscal deficits, infrastructure needs and increased demands for services. We provide solutions to improve your financial performance across sectors and in key areas. 

AArete approaches an organization’s challenges strategically and holistically. Our teams leverage best practices from the private sector to help government agencies operate more efficiently and effectively. We have in-depth knowledge of public-sector issues, including medicaid, medicare, transportation, higher education, criminal justice and public safety. And we’ve established a proven framework for key areas within a government setting. But, we can also customize solutions to suit your institution’s specific needs.

What AArete Can Do For You

  • Non-Labor Cost Reduction
  • Medicaid services improvement and cost reduction
  • Medicare services improvement and cost reduction
  • Process Improvement
  • Facilities and Capital Construction – Janitorial Services, Security Services, Maintenance Services, and Equipment
  • Transportation – Vehicle Maintenance, Fuel, Vehicle Purchases
  • Information Technology – IT Software and Services, Cloud-based Services, Value Added Resellers, Network Security, Telecommunications
  • Human Resources – Employee Benefits, Temporary Labor
  • Financial Services – Endowment Services, Armored Transportation
  • General Business/Administrative – Waste Management, Document Management, Furniture, Small Parcel
  • Big Data Solutions – Economic Impact Studies, Enrollment and Admissions Analytics, Workforce Optimization, Marketing Program Effectiveness
  • Advisory Solutions – Resource Optimization, Revenue Enhancement, Acquisition Assessment, Endowment Advisory, Overall Budget Shortfalls
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Retail and Distribution Retail and Distribution

Create and maintain the competitive advantage you need to meet your margin and growth targets. AArete consultants specialize in  retail  and distribution. And, to ensure you can compete effectively, we can implement and sustain the improvements to your operations. Our data-driven approach focuses on lasting improvements, which fuels profitability while preserving product quality, efficient supply chain and  exceptional customer service.

We can help uncover key factors for lowering costs, as contract pricing can become misaligned to the market over time. This allows your teams to focus on service and quality. Similarly, we have a strong bias for the incumbent vendor as we find retailers can become increasingly reliant on their vendors, making the transition to a new vendor a costly, cumbersome and sometimes a risky alternative. In other cases, there may only be one vendor who can realistically accommodate your needs.

AArete does its research—thoroughly and comprehensively. We dig deep and wide for the facts that support cost reduction. It’s this strategy of using relevant market information and proven methods that allow us to deliver immediate and measurable cost savings.

Our Digital and Data Services experts help operationalize your digital transformation efforts to get innovative products to the market, increase profits, drive customer loyalty and scale operations. 

What AArete Can Do For You

  • Non-Labor Cost Reduction
  • Information Technology Cost Reduction
  • Product Line Profitability
  • Logistics & Operations Optimization
  • Transportation & Logistics Cost Reduction
  • Retail Supply Chain Assessments
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Cash-to-Cash Solutions
  • Employee Medical/Pharmacy Benefits Trend Curve Reduction
  • Market Basket Analytics
  • Product Affinity
  • Customer Experience
  • Process/Operational Design through Automation


Healthcare Provider Healthcare Provider

See immediate positive results that affect your bottom line. Our industry specialists will help boost your revenue for care delivered today, while stemming non-labor expenses. We’ll put you in a position to clearly meet the requirements of the new reimbursement models as well as patient/consumer demands.

Our methodology is built on a fundamental principle: We promote sustainable results that can integrate with your unique culture and adapt to the changing landscape. This methodology is based on advanced data analytics, market intelligence and a fact-based implementation designed to address any deep-rooted issues. And we can say we’re pleased to report to our clients an average increase of 5-15% in their overall profitability.

What AArete Can Do For You

  • Non-Labor Cost Reduction: Physician Preference Items, Medical supplies, Pharmacy, IT Supply, Purchased Services
  • Revenue Enhancement, Bad debt reductions, cash acceleration, write-off reductions, DNFB, denials and other areas
  • Revenue Cycle Integrity and Defensible Pricing
  • ACO, Bundled Payment and Alternative Payment contracting
  • Patient Population Management
  • IDN Resource Optimization
  • Quality and Patient Throughput Improvement
  • Employee Medical/Pharmacy Benefits Trend Curve Reduction
  • Blockchain Use Case Identification and Implementation
  • Process Design and Operational Improvement Driven by Intelligence Process Automation

Healthcare Payer Healthcare Payer

We work with healthcare payers like you to help in navigating the wide array of business issues specific to your industry. We have a breadth of services and our healthcare experience runs deep. Our ultimate goal is to help you reduce your medical and administrative costs and improve your financial and operational performance.

Our AArete professionals bring years of experience from both commercial and government supported plans, including Large Group, Small Group, Medicaid, Medicare, Exchanges and ACO’s. So whether you are a large insurer addressing the demands of the market or your shareholders, or a smaller insurer seeking growth and long-term security, our proven practices can help your organization achieve success. 

The AArete approach is rooted in advanced data analytics and proprietary market intelligence. Our team consists of financial talent, industry knowledge experts, data scientists and clinicians who collectively bring a robust, comprehensive view of an insurer’s entire cost structure, including administrative and medical expenditures into scope. Beyond expenses, we’ll help improve your profitability using revenue-enhancement solutions that cover both strategic growth and operations improvements. So you might even realize hidden revenue streams, such as premium incentives, quality programs, risk scoring and more.

What AArete Can Do For You

  • SG&A Cost Reduction
  • Medical Loss Ratio Improvement
  • Medical Management and Other Cost of Care Initiatives
  • Holistic Provider Contracting Solutions, including Value Based Contracting Program Development, Analytics and Negotiations
  • Comprehensive Claims Configuration Reviews
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse
  • Quality Program Reviews and Solutions
  • Growth and Revenue Enhancement
  • Advanced Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Social Determinants of Health Analytics and Program Development
  • Comprehensive Pharmacy Solutions
  • Blockchain Use Case Identification and Implementation (provider data, smart authorization, smart contracts, etc.)

Transportation Transportation

Put the brakes on continually rising operational costs while improving utilization and other vital metrics. Our teams provide the competitive horsepower that travel and transportation companies need. We help develop the financial flexibility required in this dynamic and highly competitive industry.

AArete has more than 25 years of experience working with both public and private sector companies. So, we have the expertise in navigating even the most perilous financial challenges. Our methods are proven, practical and actionable. And you’ll drive significant benefits to your business as a result.

We have a proven framework for key areas in the trucking and transportation industry. We’re built on customized solutions that best fit our client needs. We often leverage a “co-sourcing” approach with your team to maintain our client’s high standards and expand the capabilities of the team.

And we’ll analyze your cost structure and improve your competitive position. We’ll work alongside your personnel—either as a stand-alone piece or an integrated part of your existing operations. AArete stands out from other consulting firms because we can guarantee our work, produce actionable insights and measurable results when you need it.

Our expertise in digital and data services optimizes your capital and operational expenditures while maintaining service reliability by analyzing data from multiple sources such as on board sensors, location tracking, fare collection systems, asset management systems and others.

What AArete Can Do For You

  • Strategic Cost Reduction
  • Employee Medical/Pharmacy Benefits Trend Curve Reduction
  • Resource/Revenue Optimization
  • Technology Optimization
  • Analytics as a Service - Customized and Actionable
  • Predictive Analytics (e.g. Maintenance)
  • Risk Scoring Algorithms
  • Network and Route Optimization
  • Intelligent Process Automation for Process Design and Operational Improvements
  • Blockchain Use Case Identification and Implementation (e.g. Smart Contracts)

Financial Services Financial Services

AArete’s proprietary approach to driving competitive results are why firms are seeking us out for support. AArete takes your data and turns it into information that we jointly use after combining our market intelligence, and we unearth new opportunities. Even though financial services organizations are in the business of money management, there are still many opportunities to reduce operating expenses and improve your firm’s bottom line—even after internal cost reduction efforts have been implemented.

We can help optimize your expense base and increase your organizational flexibility—especially in a less than ideal environment. We use a disciplined methodology, leveraging deep internal and external data analysis, specific stakeholder feedback and crucial fact gathering. We’ll identify your most critical areas, targeting them to reduce costs. We’ll also eliminate stagnant processes and redundancies, replacing them with efficient best practices. And we’ll implement the process quickly, providing measurable results to significantly enhance your bottom line.

You can enjoy strategic management of your non-labor costs with our approach. Our professionals have hands on experience working with and for management teams at retail and commercial banking institutions, credit organizations, brokerage firms as well as investment and asset management firms.

Our experts in Digital and Data services are aligned with our focus on making tangible bottomline improvements for our clients, by helping you operationalize your digital transformation efforts in the areas such as fintech, regtech, intelligent process automation, etc.  Additionally, our team of data scientists, data engineers and analysts is adept at leveraging your data and analytics infrastructure, combined with AArete market intelligence, to drive customized actionable analytics solutions for your most complex problems.

In other words, we understand the financial services industry processes and operations at both the enterprise and branch level. We know how to reduce costs, manage expenses, grow revenue, improve operational efficiency and mitigate risk.

What AArete Can Do For You

  • Non-Labor Cost Reduction
  • Customer Data Analysis and Optimization
  • Profitability Assessments
  • Risk and Compliance Benchmarking
  • Cash inventory optimization
  • Outsourcing Assessment and Advisory
  • Employee Medical/Pharmacy Benefits Trend Curve Reduction
  • Fraud Detection
  • Fintech & Regtech Design and Implementation Support
  • Intelligent Process Automation for Process Design and Operational Improvements
  • Blockchain Use Case Identification and Implementation

Manufacturing Manufacturing

Staying competitive as a manufacturer is no small feat in today’s global economy. Rising material costs, increased competition and the growth of outsourcing all contribute to reduced margins for manufacturing firms.

AArete can help. We have a successful history working with large and small-scale manufacturers, optimizing supply chains and reducing overhead costs. We understand what it takes to be a lean manufacturing entity and have the knowledge to help you get there and stay there.

Our approach uses deep internal and external data analysis, specific stakeholder feedback and crucial fact gathering. Our professionals have hands-on experience working both with and for management teams in various industries as well as manufacturing to reduce costs, manage expenses, grow revenue, improve operational efficiency and mitigate risk.

We’ll start with an incumbent indirect cost management approach so you get a feel for how we operate. Some of these areas can be high cost, such as medical and pharmacy benefits for union, non-union and retirees. These can be addressed with typically little effort looking at spend optimization annually.
We then will perform similar incumbent efforts to drive improvements in your direct cost. Additionally, we assist with supply chain optimization using our advanced data analytics which includes optimizing inventory and shop floor processes, and employs industry best practices. We’ll also identify your most critical areas and target them for cost reductions or revenue improvement i.e. warranty, returns etc. Collaborating with your different teams, we can deliver lasting and meaningful results—today and into the future.

What AArete Can Do For You

  • Non-Labor Cost Reduction
  • Direct Capital and Non-Capital Costs (Cost of Goods Sold)
  • Customer Fulfillment Assessment and Optimization
  • Freight Cost Analysis and Reduction
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Inventory Analytics and Optimization
  • Employee Medical/Pharmacy Benefits Trend Curve Reduction

Higher Education Higher Education

Let us help ease the continuing rise of higher education costs at your university. Our team enables universities to achieve financial flexibility—a requirement for competing in the rapidly changing, higher education marketplace.

AArete has over 25 years of experience working with public and private colleges, universities, academic medical centers, national laboratories and research institutions. We have the expertise to manage even the most critical financial challenges. Our methods are proven, practical and actionable. And you‘ll draw significant benefits to your institution as a result.

We believe in our work and ability to bring value to your place of learning. One of AArete’s biggest differentiators is that we guarantee our work and deliver unmatched ROI. Simply put, our objective is to put your institution in a better financial situation—greater fiscal flexibility—without disrupting the core goals of your faculty, staff or students.

We have a proven framework for key areas in a higher education setting. Yet, we are flexible and can customize to suit your specific needs. We can leverage a “co-sourcing” approach with your team to maintain your standard of excellence.

We know you’re busy. Our hands-on approach doesn’t create additional work for your staff. We assess each project and match up your needs with our industry and technical experts to reach targeted goals generally set together using our market intelligence. This customized approach often starts with an incumbent vendor approach and invariably leads to successful results.

What AArete Can Do For You

  • Non-Labor Cost Reduction
  • Spend Data Analytics supporting Procurement and Sourcing teams
  • Incumbent vendor negotiations
  • End-to-end implementation
  • Procurement Assessment/Transformation
  • Process Evaluation and Improvement for Key Administrative and Operational Functions
  • Revenue Enhancement Program
  • Customized advanced data analytics
  • Employee Medical/Pharmacy Benefits Trend Curve Reduction

Professional Services Professional Services

Our Professional Services practice supports businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of industries. We focus on making your business an efficient and high-performing entity. Our non-labor cost reduction solution for Service organizations focuses on examining every category your organization spends money on to categorize and highlight the opportunities with the largest and most direct impact. From paper and printing costs to temporary labor and employee medical and pharmacy benefits, AArete can help streamline your organization.

AArete works with companies to help them reduce costs or reorganize to be more effective or innovative. Our approach includes proven methodologies, grounded in advanced data-centric knowledge and proprietary market intelligence, and a tenacious drive to solve complex problems that reap lasting benefits for your business. We deal with complex business challenges caused by various market forces, and our passionate team addresses each problem with integrity, intelligence and humility.

We are different in that we guarantee our work and deliver measurable results in a compressed timeframe with a strong bias to the incumbent vendor – remaining flexible to ensure our framework can be customized to suit your specific needs.

What AArete Can Do For You

  • Non-Labor Cost Reduction
  • Data Analysis
  • Proprietary Market Intelligence
  • Financial Analysis
  • Performance Improvement
  • Change Management
  • Resource Constraints
  • Various M&A services
  • PMO Services
  • Risk Management
  • Overall budget shortfalls
  • Employee Medical/Pharmacy Benefits Trend Curve Reduction

Sports/Entertainment Organizations Sports/Entertainment Organizations

AArete partners with sports organizations to navigate and respond to a wide array of obstacles and opportunities ranging from marketing and operations to player personnel decisions. We develop custom solutions to meet your organization’s unique challenges, delivering measurable results to help you achieve your goals. 

AArete brings professional sports expertise, coupled with deep analytics and a breadth of cross-industry experience, to execute distinct solutions for sustainable results. Our Center of Data Excellence - an expansive team of data scientists - and software-agnostic approach enables us to build analytic solutions ranging from business intelligence and dashboards to cutting edge machine learning and predictive models.

The AArete approach is rooted in advanced analytics and proprietary methodology, bringing a consultative approach to the sports world. Our team strives to augment your internal team, leveraging their expertise while minimizing disruption. AArete’s proven operating model has propelled our team to deliver measurable results to our clients for over a decade. 

What AArete Can Do For You

Business Analytics

  • Ticketing Analytics, Pricing Optimization, Strategy, and Conversion
  • Customer Segmentation and Targeting
  • Fan Engagement and Sentiment Analysis
  • Corporate Partnership Valuation
  • Business Intelligence and Dash-boarding
  • Non-Labor Cost Reduction

Team Operations

  • Player Injury Prediction, Risk Scoring, & Prevention
  • Player Value and Career Potential Prediction (Draft, Free Agents, Trades, other)
  • Spatial Data Analytics
  • Game Outcome Modeling & Lineup Optimization

AArete's 20/20 Vision

AArete serves clients through four primary service lines and leverages its Knowledge Management Center and Center of Data Excellence to deliver differentiated solutions.