Employee Spotlight – AArete Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day, we’re highlighting the individuals at AArete who served our country in different roles, asking about their time in service and how it brought them to where they are today. Click on each individual’s profile to learn more about their service and how it set them up for a civilian career.

Andrew Dowd

Andrew has served as a Captain in the US Army Reserves from 2011-present. At AArete, Andrew is an IT Manager who found the transition to the corporate world easy because of his experience with project management, dashboard configuration, key performance indicators, and other skills that easily transitioned from his military experience to a corporate leadership role.

Adam Schulz

Adam served as a Captain in the US Army from 1998-2008, serving at a station in Germany and completing 2 combat tours in Baghdad during his service. At AArete, Adam is a Consulting Director who is able to remain calm under stress and is easily adaptable partially due to his experience in the Army. Adam leads his team by example, ready to support them and ensure they are not tackling a task alone.

Shawn Wiggins

Shawn served as a Combat Medic in the US Army from 2006-2012. At AArete, Shawn is a Consultant who believes the strategy skills he gained in the Army complement his consulting work the most. After transitioning to a civilian role, Shawn learned to break away from the strong chain of command instilled in the military and learned how to be an adaptive and evolving leader.