Employee Spotlight – Bhumika Sharma

Q. How did you get your start at AArete?

I initially came to the company as a contractor for a project in 2008. I loved the client work we were doing and was so impressed with the brilliant members on my team. They had so much knowledge to share and I was so excited to learn. Everyone was receptive to new ideas and discussion which created a very comfortable working environment. After receiving great reviews from the client, I was given the opportunity to join additional projects with even more direct client exposure. My career took off from there and in 2012 when I was asked to join the company full time, I was more than happy to accept!

Q. What is it like working out of our Washington D.C. office?

The D.C. office is an open workspace that provides opportunity for interaction. We spend a lot of time at the client site, so it is always great to come back to the office and reconnect with my colleagues. There is also a lot of flexibility for me to balance my needs at home with my expectations at work. AArete is very accommodating to employees with family responsibilities. I am able to be present for my children while still delivering excellence to my clients.

Q. What unique career opportunities does AArete offer?

I have exposure to many diverse projects across a range of industries. I love our weekly company meetings where we are given the chance to learn about the different solutions and verticals everyone is working on across our global offices. I leverage AArete’s Knowledge Management Center for ongoing learning opportunities, specifically related to healthcare analytics and technology. AArete is an expert in these areas and I feel very lucky to jump in and learn from some of the best leaders in the industry. At AArete, you are not placed in a silo. I am continuously updating and improving my skills to meet client needs while strengthening my personal career goals along the way.

Q. Do you have a mentor at AArete?

I have more than one for different reasons. I personally find people management to be an interesting challenge. I like to observe how leadership handles situations and I have learned a great deal about diplomacy and decision making from them. Leadership at AArete is very approachable and it is easy to find time to connect and speak with them directly.

Q. What advice do you have for someone interested in a technology consulting career?

Get involved in learning different technologies. Get certified in different areas. Having multiple skills will benefit you in the future and make you relevant to a broader range of clients’ needs. The landscape is ever-changing so it is beneficial to always be learning something new.