Employee Spotlight – Daniel Massop

Q. What inspired you to become a Data Scientist?

I originally became interested in data analytics via sports by calculating efficiencies in baseball. I ended up studying mathematics in undergrad at Tulane and post-graduation, while working and training in India, I decided that I wanted to round out my computer and programming skills. I sought an MS in computer software engineering from Penn State. After completing a data science internship with a start-up company, a former colleague of mine from India got in touch and offered to refer me to AArete and their Center of Data Excellence (CODE) team.

Q. What is unique about AArete’s Center of Data Excellence (CODE)?

The CODE team at AArete is an internal group comprised of data scientists, data architects and digital intelligence experts. We work directly with the consulting teams on client projects to offer customized, data-driven solutions. This structure provides the unique opportunity of working on a variety of diverse project types across a multitude of industries. In past roles, my job never changed from day to day, but AArete exposes me to new and different work. I really value this, especially so early in my career.

Q. What would be an example of a unique project you are excited to be working on?

I am currently working on a project for a legal client which has allowed me to draw on my own experience with language processing. We are developing a text analytics tool that is helping our client identify efficient ranges of legal spend. This tool will enable them to save potentially millions of dollars in legal spend fees. It is exciting and validating to bring my own knowledge and expertise to the table while collaborating with other experts to deliver meaningful output for our client.

Q. Have you found a mentor at AArete?

The exposure to leadership at AArete is incredibly valuable and I can’t say I have just one mentor here. The leadership within CODE offer such different skill sets, including managing data, the SQL server, building and maintaining internal and external relationships, brainstorming project ideas, and hyper-focused project details. These are all areas I want to grow in, so I take something from everyone and consider our entire CODE leadership team a valuable asset to my career growth.

Q. What advice do you have for someone interested in a data analytics career?

When you are coming up as a student or young professional, if you are interested in something, just do it. Don’t wait for someone to come ask you. The biggest learning experience prior to starting my career was pursuing sports analytics as a hobby. That’s where I first started programming, learning data architecture and developing engineering skills. When you are passionate about something it is easy to stay focused and push yourself. If you want to do it, get started on it right away and don’t let anything hold you back.