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Embrace the All-Around Win: Elevate Cost-Efficiency, Member Engagement, Regulatory Compliance, and Environmental Stewardship Through Paperless Communication Adoption

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Paperless communication is not merely a cost-saving strategy; it’s a rare and transformative win, win, win for payers, providers, members, and the environment. As the healthcare landscape evolves, AArete stands out by working alongside clients, both payers and providers, to maximize the capabilities of existing paperless communication platforms. We ensure that these platforms are attuned to nuanced regulatory requirements (Opt-in vs. opt-out, 508 compliance for the visually impaired, HIPAA adherence, etc.) and assist in selecting and implementing the most suitable technology solutions to promote paperless capabilities and member adoption.

Payers and providers gain immensely by eliminating print and mail costs, particularly when considering that some healthcare payers experience up to 5% of mailed documents returned as undeliverable. This not only highlights a glaring inefficiency but also represents a tangible waste in terms of costs and environmental impact, all without any return on investment. Embracing paperless adoption goes hand in hand with digital adoption, as the primary communication channels for paperless solutions are through portals and mobile applications. Enhancing paperless adoption directly boosts the use and appreciation of your digital assets.

Benefits of Paperless Communication

Cost Reduction
and Efficiency

Eliminate print and mail costs, cut down waste, and enhance efficiency with paperless communication. Payers and providers who adopt paperless strategies enjoy significant cost savings, as evidenced by clients who have successfully surpassed 50% of paperless adoption, realizing compounded savings over time.

Enhanced Member
Experience and Engagement

Forge new bi-directional communication platforms that allow for proactive healthcare reminders, secure messaging, clarification on financial transactions, and much more. With accessible and transparent tracking of document engagement, members gain a secure repository for crucial information, available at any time.

Compliance and

Digital delivery offers greater security compared to paper delivery and is in full compliance with HIPAA regulations and 508 compliance for the visually impaired. The approach targets every touchpoint, ensuring an enhanced connection between payers, providers, and members.


While primarily focused on cost and member experience, the transition to paperless communication also contributes positively to the environment. By reducing paper consumption and the emissions required for delivery, your organization can align with broader corporate responsibility initiatives.


An enhanced connection between members and payers/providers is achieved through multiple touchpoints such as enrollment, customer service, IVR, portal, mobile app, and even paper mailings that promote paperless options through strategic QR code inclusion.

Unlock a future where efficiency and engagement lead the way. AArete’s paperless communication strategies are meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled cost savings and strengthen member relationships, while also contributing to responsible environmental stewardship. Join us in a journey where everyone wins – from payers to providers to members, and our planet.

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