Life at AArete

At AArete, we’re always looking for highly motivated individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm for working in a challenging, dynamic, team-oriented, performance-driven environment. Our most successful candidates are intelligent, talented people who possess excellent communications skills, analytical abilities and creativity for solving problems and improving business practices.

Our History

AArete was founded in 2008 with a mission of helping businesses across a number of industries increase profitability through data-driven decision making and people-centered conversations. Since then, we’ve grown 30-60% year-over-year, creating rapid and continuous expansion with our team of dynamic, high-performing “AAretians” at the heart of it all. 

Today, our team has grown to more than 240 people who are dedicated to customer success, collaborative in their approach and determined to expand their knowledge. Together, we’re continually building a place where employees thrive in their careers and clients benefit.

The AArete Difference

AArete consultants are strategic visionaries who are passionate about delivering impactful results using powerful data and analytics. We enjoy a professional environment where employees can gain exposure to the most career-changing projects, while recognizing the importance of social interaction, rest, and experiencing life to the fullest.

Career Growth

At AArete, your career growth is determined by your performance — not by your tenure or title. Our people come to AArete with outstanding skills, experience and passion for excellence, but also with an open mind and willingness to learn. We offer training that’s geared toward total career growth by studying new industries and becoming well versed in the methodologies and tools we use to increase client profitability. Approximately 85% of our training is developed in-house, with content curated by our team of consultants to ensure it relates directly to growth for our employees and clients.

Formal Training

In addition to initial training in AArete methodologies, programs and products, we provide ongoing training at meetings and seminars held throughout the year, including:

  • Comprehensive intern and analyst training
  • In-person consultant, manager and director training and development
  • Industry and technical training “lunch and learn” sessions, where consultants share their on-the-job knowledge to help fellow AAretians grow
  • Bi-annual company meetings (all-inclusive for all AAretians regardless of level, tenure, or geography), which integrate development and training with fun team-building events, as well as community outreach activities in alignment with our guiding principles

Informal Training

Every consultant receives on-the-job training each day through his or her interactions with peers who have various backgrounds and experiences across all levels of the organization. Plus, all employees participate in “AArete Meet & Greet,” which pairs each new hire with a more tenured consultant from another project team who can answer questions big and small about our firm, processes and culture. Further, all new hires are trained on different types of projects in a variety of industries, while utilizing the latest digital visualization and analytics tools.

Transparent Interview Process

When you interview with AArete, you won’t be left in the dark. We have an individualized interview processes for each candidate, including experienced consultants, CODE (Center of Data Excellence) and summer interns.

Experienced Consultant Candidates

First, qualifying experienced candidates are typically invited for a phone interview with an AArete human resources representative. Should their experience and work style align with the role and company culture, they will typically advance to the next round, which includes a Microsoft Excel assessment, case interview and behavioral assessments to acclimate them to the type of work we do. Next, the candidate is asked to meet on-site and interview one-on-one with AArete employees of varying tenures and backgrounds to understand role expectations, learn more about our culture and ask any questions they may have.

Depending on previous experience, AArete consultants advance their careers along the following trajectory: 

Consulting Career Track







CODE Candidates

Our Center of Data Excellence (CODE) is AArete’s core, making our management consulting approach so impactful. For our CODE analytics team, we hire people who possess both strong technical backgrounds and sharp business acumen.
The interview process for CODE candidates is similar to that of experienced consultant candidates, but with a few differences. CODE candidates take a programming-based and/or data science assessment (rather than an Excel assessment) prior to interviewing at one of our offices. At the office, they interview with people from both the consulting and CODE teams.
CODE has three main career streams, including data architecture, data science and digital intelligence. CODE team members typically progress through the following career path:

Center of Data Excellence – Areas of Career Focus

Data Science

Data Architecture

Digital Intelligence

Summer Interns

Our competitive summer internship is designed for undergraduates entering their senior year in college. Interns perform analyst responsibilities for the summer to gain a clearer understanding of what we do and how we work. This likely includes travel, business case creation and other work with meaningful impact. 

We seek students who have strong academic standing, are involved in extracurricular activities and embody our core values. We recruit at top colleges and universities nationwide and typically meet our potential interns on-campus or at career fairs. Consultants assess the candidates’ qualifications and determine if there is a potential match. After this initial interaction, qualified candidates are contacted to schedule formal interviews. If invited to our office for final-round interviews, each candidate will have one-on-one interviews with additional consultants.

professional team

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