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Technology and professional services companies are being pushed by fast-changing business landscapes requiring them to not only have a compelling vision but also to supplement it with execution excellence and agility to sustain their competitive edge.

AArete’s cross-industry expertise and proven delivery helps technology and professional services companies generate and sustain a competitive advantage through strategic cost reduction, as well as through the use of data to identify areas of operational efficiency and revenue enhancement. We help address your company’s unique challenges through root cause identification, and then combine your goals, objectives and data with our analytical skills and market intelligence to develop and implement customized solutions that deliver accelerated, yet sustainable benefits.

Our Capabilities

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Cost Reduction & Productivity

For any industry, IT has traditionally one of the largest portions of the budget. This is especially true in the technology space. Given the rapid advancements and changing structure in tech, innovations, and supply market dynamics, a keen eye on spend to productivity correlation is paramount. AArete leverages relevant market intelligence to assess, predict and optimize IT costs and trends. AArete provides a comprehensive toolbox of solutions designed to support our clients with:

Rate Negotiations: Capitalizing on our intelligence of the market landscape for hardware, software, networking, and other purchases.

Demand Management: Optimizing licenses, data storage space, and other IT activities in preparation to navigate reactions to technological change.

Rationalization: Understanding what is truly needed against what vendors recommend bundling.

Compliance: Deploying tools to maximize recoupment opportunities through understanding your usage in ways that will minimize true-up costs.

The best path to cost reduction is developing a disciplined IT strategy to ensure that you will have the infrastructure to efficiently support a competitive business over the next three to five years. AArete supports you in bringing a measured approach to drive checks and balances, policies and procedures, and financial controls. Through a proactive approach rather than reactive, we ensure that you leverage your IT partners to drive efficiency and value creation across all functions of your business.

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Supply Chain & Manufacturing Operations

AArete’s technology clients turn to AArete to assess and improve areas such as: materials management, procurement, logistics management, operations, and other core operating processes involved in the lifecycle of getting a product/service through to the end customer. Pressure on technology firms today to create a cost advantage system through supply chain is increasing. AArete’s solution helps your firm to eliminate waste while simultaneously adding value; creating a smooth flow, while also reducing complexity. We guide professional services companies to use similar waste-reduction philosophies in the process of service creation. Whether it’s reducing unnecessary steps, identifying and removing bottlenecks, or minimizing wasted efforts, all companies can take advantage of AArete’s market intelligence and expertise to drive greater efficiencies across their processes.

AArete approaches the typical industry problems with a unique focus on data and statistics. We combine our data analytics expertise with the many traditional approaches (i.e. lean manufacturing or Kanban methodologies) to customize a solution to your needs. Given your goals, we determine where the effective point of automation, overhaul of a process, or use for Artificial Intelligence (AI) is for your business. AArete finds answers using a value-chain analysis that determines refinement opportunities for each component of the supply chain to amplify competitive advantage.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic cost reduction is often overlooked as a key means to creating cash flow, even in industries obsessed with growth and market share. AArete’s track record of guiding organizations through reducing costs through our proven, data-driven methodology in conjunction with our nearly 30 years of experience in implementation transcends across a multitude of industries. That experience—combined with our flexible framework, creates a customized solution to meet your individual needs and culture. We are confident in our capabilities and to prove it we offer a guarantee on all of our strategic cost reduction projects.

AArete’s hyper focus on deep data analytics expertise, unmatched market intelligence, and expert implementation, enable unique strategies developed by individual need. We accelerate benefits, meaning that you gain the cost reductions you need now rather than later, a key advantage in today’s rapidly changing market. Our multi-industry clients have learned that supplementing their existing tactics and strategies with strategic cost reduction initiatives, resonate with the investor community, especially for those seeking the evolution of a culture of cost-consciousness.

Analytics as a Service (AaaS)

Tech and professional services companies must leverage as much of their gathered operational and customer data as they can in order to maintain their competitive edge in a rapidly changing market landscape. However, scarce specialized expertise can be difficult to recruit and retain. AArete helps you by providing the horsepower for your analytics efforts, jumpstarting your department or accelerating achievement of your specific solutions or outcomes.

In AArete’s Analytics as a service (AaaS) offerings, our people and tools serve as an extension of your team that drives your outcomes. As an on-demand analytics service that helps you use data to drive strategy, we customize the nature of our offering to fit your needs. Whether you need a dedicated team or simply a subscription-based arrangement requiring payment only for what is used, you can take full advantage of AArete’s data analytics expertise.

Additionally, what is unique about our AaaS solution is that we also on supplement your in-house capabilities through knowledge transfer and governance processes to ensure long-term self-reliance, sustainability and scalability.

Product & Customer Analytics

For any company, the sales process can potentially capture millions of data points. AArete helps technology and professional services companies feel empowered to drive decisions based on that data. We help you better understand who your customers are and what they want, as well as how to position your products or services in the competitive landscape.

AArete combines our consultative approach with data analytics expertise to custom-develop a solution that you can deploy to get actionable insights directly to your sales, marketing or product design teams. Whether it’s algorithms that can help with dynamic pricing or analysis of your business development costs, AArete helps you see desired outcomes in terms of data analytics, and then provides you with analytics tools that you can use to increase differentiation, improve positioning, cut costs or make better data driven decisions.

IoT & Automation

AArete helps technology and professional services firms assess their processes to identify opportunities for automation. If your processes involve high labor costs, high cycle times, standardized data or fluctuations in demand, automation could provide you with improved productivity, accuracy and/or cost savings. As your supplier-agnostic partner, AArete helps you see the best opportunities to gain improved outcomes and choose whether to develop internally or integrate third-party solutions.

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