Who We Work With

We humanize data for purposeful change. Leveraging our market intelligence, we apply proprietary methodologies and tailor each solution to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our Focused Industries

Healthcare Payers

AArete works with health plans to improve their profitability by leveraging our experience and market intelligence to implement solutions that are customized for our clients’ unique needs. 

Healthcare Providers

Arming healthcare providers with a unique blend of industry-leading market intelligence, data analytics capabilities and subject matter expertise to drive profitability, optimize revenue and bend the cost curve.

Financial Services

Delivering strategic cost reduction, FinTech and RegTech solutions for global & regional banking and financial services institutions.


Enabling public and private universities to provide affordable and accessible multi-channel education to a broader potential of lifelong learners.

Retail & Consumer

Managing retail and consumer costs across the supply chain, including operations, warehouses, merchandising and customer service.

Transportation, Logistics & Distribution

  • Improving cost structures and operational efficiencies for trucking, air, freight, ground and transit companies.

Public Sector

Helping state and federal government bodies do more with smaller budgets, especially through customized data analytics.

Technology & Professional Services

Leveraging data to generate competitive advantages for high tech, legal, executive search and accounting industries.


We apply our proven methodologies and solutions across all industries with a focus on optimizing profits through data-driven solutions.