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Faced with significant regulatory, competitive, and digital disruptions, financial institutions must adapt to rising customer expectations in increasingly efficient ways.  

AArete partners with leading multinational and regional financial institutions and fintech providers to drive down their operational efficiency ratio through cost transformation strategies. And, we harness the power of modern technology to help our clients sustain gains, proactively mitigate cyber risk, and drive innovation. 

Financial Functions We Serve

We have market intelligence informing our strategy from an array of client experiences across a range of financial service functions, including but not limited to:


Our Services

Having helped some of the largest global financial institutions solve complex business challenges, AArete brings deep knowledge and experience to the table. Whether you are trying to streamline operating efficiency, bolster cyber and risk resiliency, or leverage complex data science & analytics to better understand your customer, we can customize and implement a solution to modernize your operations.

Financial, Operational, and Profitability Services

Identifying ways to reduce costs and ensure compliance without compromising risks.


We help financial institutions capitalize on business growth opportunities by identifying, customizing, and implementing cost management initiatives. Our approach prioritizes sustainable, non-labor cost optimization opportunities that deliver savings while maintaining or enhancing operations. 

Featured services include: 

M&A Strategy
and Support 

We combine a deep understanding of the sector’s risk, regulatory, and supplier landscape with data-driven insights to navigate inherent M&A complexities so that our clients can realize financial and operational synergies . 

Featured services include: 

  • Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Data & Technology Integration
  • Process & Resource Optimization
  • Supplier Contract Evaluation/Synergies
  • Integration Program Management & Reporting


We empower financial institutions with strategic portfolio management solutions, streamlining processes, and driving value-based decision-making. Our tailored approach is designed to ensure your investments align with your goals.

Featured services include: 

  • Process Optimization
  • Value-Driven Decision Making
  • OKRs and Key Indicators
  • Value Metrics & Visualization

Cybersecurity, Risk & Legal Services

Analyzing compliance and risk measures in place to strengthen security and reduce risk or correct breaches through timely remediation.


To confront uncertainty and mitigate risk from fraud, we help our clients select, implement, and manage best in class identity & access management and cybersecurity solutions to position their organization to withstand constant threats. 

Featured services include: 

  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • Cloud Security (AWS/Azure)
  • Endpoint (Mobile Security)
  • API Security & Tokenization


In an increasingly complex financial landscape, compliance and regulatory change solutions are essential for financial institutions to stay up-to-date and navigate the multitude of rules and regulations governing their operations. We implement compliance and regulatory change management strategies that bolster an institution’s compliance, streamline operations, and avoid costly penalties.

Featured services include: 

  • Bank Regulatory Compliance, Response, and Remediation
  • Regulatory Affairs Support
  • Digital Regulatory Compliance Experiences


Legal costs can quickly balloon in a highly regulated space like Financial Services. We provide our clients with the ability to gain better control over expanding legal expenses with a tech-enabled solution.

Featured services include: 

  • Legal Spend Management
  • Legal Spend and Rates Intelligence
  • Process Optimization
  • Dashboarding & Analytics


By employing effective risk management solutions to proactively identify and analyze means of risk, we can help protect against and mitigate uncertainty and vulnerabilities.

Featured services include: 

Digital & Technology Services

Better integrate existing tools or deploy new solutions to modernize operations to stand out in the competitive, rapid-growing market.


Digital strategy solutions have become crucial for financial institutions in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. Our strategies help organizations remain competitive by streamlining processes, enhancing customer experiences, and reducing operational costs. By adopting innovative digital tools and practices, financial institutions can transform their business models and drive growth.

Featured services include:

  • Digital Product Management
  • App Modernization
  • Open Banking Solutions
  • Payments Modernization


The way organizations manage and utilize their vast amounts of data has quickly evolved, allowing for more informed decision-making, enhanced customer experiences, and much more.

With deep analytical capabilities, we help our clients unlock hidden potential and make sense of complex data that can be turned into actionable insights.

Featured services include:

  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Cloud Data Engineering
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Snowflake Integrations


We bring extensive experience modernizing legacy systems, harnessing, and customizing contemporary fintech solutions to support our clients on their digital transformation journey.
Leveraging advanced analytical capabilities and an agile approach, we automate and streamline operations to create frictionless customer experiences and help our clients quickly respond to changing regulations. 

Featured services include:

  • Banking & Capital Markets Systems Architecture
  • ITSM Process Optimization
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Legacy Infrastructure


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