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Access to accurate, complete, and real-time data can empower decision-making and automate intelligent workflows critical to sustain competitive advantage. In our experience, we’ve found many organizations are unfamiliar with the data they collect, whether it can be unified (particularly after mergers or acquisitions), and the potential it holds. 

Data enrichment is central to our work at AArete. We are adept at uniting massive data volumes from disparate sources to help our clients transform into insights-driven organizations. 

At the heart of our operations lies our Center of Data Excellence (CODE), comprised of data scientists, data engineers, business intelligence & visualization experts and technologists who apply a customized approach to provide innovative solutions through data and advanced analytics. CODE generates actionable insights from data and enables enhanced decision-making through Machine Learning models. CODE supports organizations in their data-driven transformative journey every step of the way. Combined with our market intelligence and advisory services, we can help you identify the most appropriate data solutions and key performance indicators (KPIs) to scale your impact.

Featured Services

Enterprise Data

Govern and maintain the integrity and reliability of your data. Our expertise includes:

  • Data warehousing for ingestion, cleansing, transformation, and aggregation 
  • Metadata management of data cataloging, profiling, and data dictionary 
  • Performant data services 
  • Feature store for data science needs 
  • Web scraping 

Descriptive &
Diagnostic Analytics

See what happened in the past – and why. Our expertise in this area includes:

  • Data visualization and report development  
  • Exploratory data analysis for effective storytelling 


Enable an organization to make better decisions and manage resources by forecasting the likelihood of future scenarios. Our expertise in this area includes: 

  • Advanced exploratory data analysis 
  • Supervised / unsupervised machine learning models 
  • Statistical analysis and data science techniques 
  • Deep learning models
    • Synthetic data generation using GAN and other ML techniques 
    • Natural language processing techniques 
    • Smart data anonymization  
  • Model as a Service (MaaS) delivery
    • Model deployment (on-prem or on cloud) 
    • Real-time continuous model performance monitoring for data drift and model drift 

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Whether you want to harness the power of data and analytics to improve decision-making or if you have questions regarding our service offerings, get in touch with us. 

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Our Data Experts

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Priya Iragavarapu
Vice President, CODE
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Sakshi Banker
Director of Analytics & Data Science
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Jeremiah Nace
Director of Data Architecture
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Dominique Parris
Director of Data Engineering
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Nilesh Gandhi
Vice President of India Operations