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In the dynamic realm of healthcare, leadership requires agility, precision, and intelligence, and at AArete, we are distinctly positioned to meet the evolving needs of healthcare payers. Drawing from over 15 years of industry-specific consulting, our Salesforce implementation is more than just a software deployment; it’s a strategic transformation tailored to your needs. With a thorough understanding of Health Cloud capabilities, we integrate and optimize solutions that cater to the specificities of your operational framework. 

Benefits of Healthcare Payer Salesforce Implementation

Provider Network &
Relationship Management:

Revolutionize your provider network management from recruitment and credentialing to contracting, appointment scheduling, and onboarding. Our Salesforce solutions minimize provider onboarding durations, optimize operational costs, and present a 360-degree view of provider data, leading to informed decisions and heightened satisfaction levels in tandem with improved provider data accuracy.

Enhanced Member &
Provider Experience:

Centralize and streamline member and patient engagements with unified platforms like the Member 360 Portal and Care 360 Console. Such integrations not only consolidate critical data but foster improved communication, directly elevating patient care quality.


Ensure patients receive the right care, at the right time, and in the right setting. Let Health Cloud assess the feasibility of treatment with evidence-based guidelines before a service is provided and respond constructively and transparently to any denial of care to better manage the cost of care.

Strategic Care

Emphasizing care delivery, our approach accentuates care coordination, engagement, and adaptability. This holistic view ensures your members receive personalized and timely care, leveraging Salesforce’s features for enrollment, care plans, and more. 

AArete’s Salesforce Expertise

AArete has an impressive and extensive range of Salesforce capabilities. Our team of certified Salesforce consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, covering a wide spectrum of Salesforce products and services. AArete is committed to providing top-notch services to their clients, including:

  • Health Cloud:
    • Health Cloud is a secure health IT platform that helps healthcare organizations manage patient data and improve patient outcomes.
  • Sales Cloud:
    • Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to support sales, marketing, and customer support in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) contexts.
  • Service Cloud: 
    • Service Cloud provides tools for case management, knowledge base, omni-channel support, automation, and analytics, enabling companies to deliver exceptional customer service experiences.
  • Marketing Cloud:
    • Marketing Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for marketers that allows them to create and manage marketing relationships and campaigns with customers.
  • Experience Cloud:
    • Experience Cloud gives your business the power of a social platform. It allows you to streamline business processes by sharing data and files to the internal and external users you choose.
  • Einstein Analytics:
    • Einstein Analytics is the cloud-based analytical tool that allows Salesforce users to understand, aggregate, and visualize data coming from different locations, such as Salesforce, ERPs, data warehouses, and log files.

Why AArete?

We Bring Industry Insights:

Our team has 15+ years of management consulting experience and understands the complexities our clients face across various industries, including healthcare, education, and financial services. We can help you navigate those complex challenges, and leverage Salesforce to optimize operations and improve stakeholder satisfaction.

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We Deliver End-to-End Support:

We devise and implement strategies, start to finish, and work alongside your team throughout your Salesforce lifecycle. Our methodology covers all phases of your implementation from discovery, design, and implementation, to user adoption, optimization, and reporting.

We Build Custom Solutions:

Our team specializes in designing customized Salesforce solutions to help you overcome any obstacles and attain your business objectives.

We Implement Digital, Data, and Technology Solutions:

We specialize in digital, data, and technology-driven solutions that provide actionable insights to enable data-driven decision-making. These insights can be used to enhance customer engagement, sales, and marketing efforts, providing you with a competitive edge in your industry.

We Prioritize Client Collaboration:

At AArete, our clients are our top priority. We believe that providing an exceptional client experience is the key to fostering loyalty and growth. With Salesforce’s powerful capabilities, we are able to leverage its full potential to better serve our customers and grow their business.

We Streamline Data Sharing:

Salesforce’s Data Sharing with Snowflake provides customers with direct access to data across platforms without the need for traditionally complex Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes.

Let’s Talk

As the healthcare landscape intensifies, it’s imperative to have a partner who understands its intricacies and nuances. Fortified by robust market intelligence, an unwavering commitment to healthcare compliance (evidenced by our HITRUST and ISO certifications), and a team of in-house data scientists, AArete is that partner. We don’t just implement Salesforce; we transform your healthcare operations for good. 

Discover the AArete difference. Trust in our profound expertise and industry-leading capabilities to guide your Salesforce implementation to success, ensuring you remain at the forefront of healthcare excellence.