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Colleges and universities are feeling pressure to meet performance expectations while overall student affordability is decreasing budgets and headcount. AArete brings innovative solutions to these complex issues built upon higher education best practices, technology optimization, analytics, and change management to create a clear understanding of expected business outcomes and measurement of achieved success to numerous areas within universities.

By providing real-time, data-backed recommendations, we enable you to operate more efficiently upon transforming tasks, responsibilities, and skill sets while also managing the implementation of our recommendations through a thoughtful change management process customized for your university’s unique environment.

Featured Administrative Transformation Services

Operational Optimization

We begin by analyzing various revenue streams and expenses to ensure your institution is operating at maximum margin. We have a set of over 200 hypotheses to understand opportunities with your current operations, then deep dive into detailed business cases for those with the best return to ensure funds are best utilized.  We lead implementation for approved opportunities through leadership and hands-on support.

Administrative Shared Services

We develop a shared services administrative model that aligns processes, organization and people with best practices and provide implementation support in all aspects of change management, organizational design, training, communications, process change, etc. Functions that are assessed during this implementation include Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, and IT.

Data Management, Engineering, & Reporting

Our team of data engineers are specialists in automating data capture, aggregation, consolidation, and integration to eliminate time consuming manual reporting efforts. Through a proven “business value” approach, we quantify data quality to meet KPI reporting that drive efficiencies, supporting management and implementation activities including benchmarking to peers to understand where you are within the marketplace.

Strategic Planning

We work closely with your governing body and senior leaders to develop an overall strategic vision and plan that allows you to accomplish your education, research, and service mission.

Technology Roadmap

We assess use and/or planned use of technology across administrative processes (ERP, workorder, bots, contract management, sustainability, supplier diversification and resiliency, etc.) and assign quantitative financial and operational value to best practice gaps based on operational goals and user efficiency.

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John Marchisin

Managing Director

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Managing Director