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AArete & Hazelcast

Partnering to help organizations streamline data processing for cost savings and increased efficiency. 

Are you taking full advantage of machine learning (ML) algorithms or are you getting caught up in the data processing delays downstream? We want you to be able to operationalize your ML algorithms to enable intelligent, real-time decision-making for informed action progressing your business forward. By combining Hazelcast’s real-time stream processing platform capabilities with AArete’s industry, data, and technical expertise, we’re unlocking deeper value for clients and (empowering them to deliver) delivering an optimized customer experiences.

How This Works For You 

Integrate Streams

Integrate multiple live data streams of any scale, including remote applications, devices, and message brokers with historical and operational data to add greater context for decisions.

Run Queries

Achieve lightning-fast results by effortlessly executing thousands of queries on billions of real-time events, delivering near-instantaneous response times.

Drive Action

Take actions like sending alerts, denying fraudulent transactions, sending marketing offers, and more, all in real time.

Store Data

Store indexed data in a fast data store, enabling real-time drill-down analytics with unmatched speed and precision. 

Unleash the Power of Possibilities

Build the intelligent applications your users demand with an open-source data platform for reduced latency and elevated performance. With industry expertise in financial services, AArete couples their market intelligence and methodologies with Hazelcast to deploy custom solutions to meet businesses where they are to future-proof their IT infrastructure.  

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Retail Banking | Risk/Compliance Trade Monitoring
Open Banking | Payment Processing | Financial Market Data

Retail Banking

Experience tangible benefits, from revenue growth to cost control, and empower your business for the digital age 

With growing web and mobile app usage and non-cash payment increasingly becoming the norm, customers expect transaction processing systems to seamlessly operate to serve their needs. Operationalizing that can often increase fraud risk, if not properly deployed. With a focus on fast data access, real-time action, expanded capabilities, enhanced fraud detection, increased IT agility and a secure and highly available infrastructure, we work towards enabling your business with unmatched performance, revenue growth, agility, cost control, security, and operational efficiency. 

Brochure: In-Memory Computing Platform

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Risk/Compliance Trade Monitoring

Empowering back-office analysts with cost-effective near-real-time monitoring for risk and compliance 

Trade analysts traditionally face challenges with real-time trade activity visibility, often relying on batch processes and periodic summaries for risk assessment and compliance. By employing a continuous query system with drill-down functionality, these challenges are addressed, providing near-instant access to comprehensive trade data and mitigating risk. This solution employs in-memory data storage and on-demand indexing, eliminating the need for additional costly real-time systems and data repositories. Integration with trade data sources, like Apache Kafka, is simplified by pre-built connectors, allowing analysts to effectively monitor activities via a user-friendly web application interface, hence enhancing trade visibility and compliance capabilities.

White Paper: Back-Office Trade Monitoring – Reference Architecture 

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Open Banking

Empowering Open Banking with Seamless Integration of In-Memory Computing & Stream Processing 

The EU’s “Revised Payment Service Directive” (PSD2) promotes Open Banking, enabling customers to use third-party providers to manage finances using bank and customer data. This shift towards Open Banking influences various areas like purchasing, fintech, and investing by providing tailored services. We offer strategies that support this change by providing high-performance, scalable solutions, integrating in-memory computing and stream processing for easy deployment of scalable Open APIs. 

Financial Use Cases, includes:

  • Market Data Management System
  • Banking Collateral Management System
  • Foreign Exchange Quotation Management System

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Payment Processing

In-Memory Payment Processing to Enable High-Speed, Secure Transactions and Elevate Bank, Merchant and Customer Experiences 

Payment processing systems facilitate transactions for businesses, conducting detailed verifications through the respective card’s issuing bank to prevent fraud and secure settlements. This complex process demands high speed, stability, and automatic recovery, crucial due to stringent SLAs and the need for lowest latency during 24/7 global operations. By merging data processing and messaging with elastically scalable storage, we can offer you the perfect solution, consistently ensuring low end-to-end processing latencies. 

White Paper: Fraud Detection in Payment Processing 

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Financial Market Data

Powering Financial Services with Speed, Security, and Simplified Data Management 

Many data stores encounter challenges due to their complex integration processes, inadequate query performance, and difficulty handling new data types quickly without downtime. Traditional relational databases often struggle with these issues due to their normalized data schemata and reliance on disk rather than memory. By offering a unified, in-memory data store that utilizes a standard Java API with native language clients, we excel at quick integration of diverse data feeds, significantly reducing latency volatility, and improving performance by being approximately 1000 times faster than traditional RDBMS. The core value lies in the effective minimization of data integration efforts, optimal utilization of memory, and reduction in operational costs to promote enhanced performance and cost efficiency. 

Case Study: Accelerating Financial Market data Access for Investment Banking 

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