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MicroStrategy: Certified Partner and Reseller

MicroStrategy remains the go-to enterprise BI platform for companies that want to combine self-service analytics and distribution with sensible governance. It is also one of our core strengths.

Our engineers can make MicroStrategy do things it wasn’t built to – from distributing 100,000+ documents per hour to managing multi-tenancy high-concurrency environments – and querying semi-structured data with fine-grained security needs. We can scale the platform to handle the most demanding requirements.

AArete has earned a particular reputation for successfully tackling the most challenging customizations and integrations through the MicroStrategy SDK. Lean on us for your MicroStrategy development, customization, and support needs – from whiteboard to dashboard, to full-scale adoption. Contact us for a free no-obligation session on how we can help you. 



Simplify how your users navigate dense, complex, layered information. Build apps with fewer clicks and non-invasive guide rails to jump your user from a glance to an insight. 

Data Design & Modeling

Build a secure, flexible, performant data model optimized for aggregated and ad-hoc, atomic-level reporting. Accommodate advanced data characteristics such as recursive and unbalanced ragged hierarchies and slowly changing dimensions.

Schema & Report Development

Implement a flexible schema and report development strategy focused on a balance of performance, maintenance and security while supporting multi-tenancy and internationalization.

Web & Mobile Dashboards

Create fast, intuitive scorecards and dashboards that anticipate flow of thought, highlight problem areas and lead the user to actionable insights.


Deploy an airtight multi-layer security that restricts privileges and protects sensitive data and reporting objects at rest and in motion. Leverage data-driven security by customizing metadata and the warehouse.

SDK Services

Visualization SDK

Leverage MicroStrategy’s mojo framework to build widgets that utilize third-party JavaScript frameworks to render MicroStrategy data on a dashboard.

Web Services API

Build a web services layer on MicroStrategy Web that can be used by any third-party application along with an iOS app that can monitor MicroStrategy servers and perform administrative tasks.

Portal Integration

  • Embed MicroStrategy dashboards and grids within a custom enterprise portal. Write a single sign-on module to allow secure and seamless pass-through authentication.

Prompts & Notifications

  • Extend and simplify OOTB functionality, such as inserting business rules in, setting up intuitive screens for self-service subscriptions, and embedding rules engine for notifications and alerting.


User Management & Usage Analysis

Leverage the User Manager and scripting through Command Manager to manage and administer large number of users. Sync your LDAP and SSO applications with MicroStrategy’s user management. Leverage Third I’s custom Enterprise Manager dashboards to monitor and improve product adoption.


Deploy lighter, faster cubes with smaller memory footprints, manage derived objects and view filters to optimize cube performance, deploy partitioning and data strategy to speed up load times while enforcing data security.


Tune your system – from database and schema to datasets and visualizations for faster processing and rendering. Optimize the use of datasets, panels, dynamic text, and grids on documents. Speed up your metadata with partitioning and deploy clustering, load balancing and cube distribution to get your system blazing fast.

Monitoring & Administration

Automate  your workflow using System Monitor from Command Manager based cube refresh to Integrity Manager regression testing. Deploy alert-based system that alerts users on sales dips beyond thresholds, object modifications, performance issues such as lack of memory and disk space, slower reports and server outages.

Case Studies