Adage: Digital Ad Inventory Performance Analytics


Businesses need to drive return on advertising dollars and to achieve this they need powerful tools. While some tools provide engagement metrics, they fail to show a correlation between activities and results. There is a need to have the ability to project likely outcomes based on past experience and changing assumptions while being smart, flexible, and efficient.

What can Adage do?

Adage is your analytical toolkit to manage ad inventory and drive better advertising performance. 

With Adage, you can:

  • See all your digital properties in a single view
  • Monitor revenue and engagement metrics
  • Apply statistics to identify trends, highlight areas of strength and weakness
  • Use powerful scenario-based forecasting capabilities to conduct what-if analysis and make intelligent projections
  • Take immediate, informed action


Key Features

Advanced correlation between revenue and activity metrics

Centralized portal for unified view across all digital properties

Built-in what-if analysis for custom scenarios and exploration

Native iPad app for better user navigation and experience

Deep user demographic data and behavior analysis

Smarter visualizations to encourage discovery and data exploration

Granular insights for each digital property for thorough analysis

White-labeled app for custom branding

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