Adalytics: Campaign Analytics Platform

What is Adalytics?

The digital ad tech ecosystem is complex with multiple players on the demand and supply side, ad serving agencies, and numerous campaigns. Investing in technology and staff to effectively monitor and analyze campaigns is an expensive proposition. 

How can Adalytics help?

Adalytics leverages a visual narrative to answer the most pressing and timely questions related to digital ad campaigns, helping manage marketing budget more effectively. A comprehensive campaign performance analysis platform, Adalytics is designed for Media Agencies, and their Publisher and Media Quality Partners. 


Highlighted Benefits

  • Data-driven decision making, informing media spend through actionable insights
  • Multi-source data aggregation from ad servers, audience, and media quality vendors, search engine marketing and data management platforms
  • Visual narratives about campaign performance including path-to-conversion and inventory performance
  • Industry-standard metrics with extensible data model

Key Features

Fully custom user-centric an interface built to anticipate user action

Personalized landing page ensuring data relevancy

Multi-source data blending for comprehensive campaign story

Smarter visualizations such as extended heatmaps to encourage discovery and data exploration

Core OLAP functionality 
wrapped in intuitive controls for a tailored user experience

Smart search and filtering functionality

Simplified navigation to enable zoom-in and zoom-out transitions along the data story arc

Real-time notifications to manage course correction

Intro to Analytics – Ebook

Download the ebook to learn more about Adalytics and how it can work for you.

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