DIGITRAIL: Fundraising Analytics


How can DIGITRAIL help?


Integrate with desired CRMs and Marketing apps to sync your data. Our pre-built connector brings together your data and transforms it into valuable information and insights.


Visualize fundraising campaign progress, year-to-date donations and more with real-time fundraising results by analyzing givings, identifying donor preferences, and monitoring donor contributions.

Questions that DIGITRAIL Analytics helps to answer:

  • How can I track the end-to-end donor journey?
  • Can I segregate content based on core issues?
  • How can I optimize digital assets based on the type of content consumed by donors?

Donor Management

Identify donor profiles using custom filters for segmentation and track giving patterns to build a 360-degree view of donors.

​Questions that DIGITRAIL Donor Management helps to answer:

  • Can I track activities of donors in real-time? 
  • How can I identify high value donors for better fundraising?


Save time and increase donations with:

  • Personalized Event and Content Recommendation and Campaign Automation powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Donor Social Network Influencers

​Questions AI could answer to feed into your fundraising strategy:

  • Which content campaigns should I run for high value donors based on their interests?
  • How can I predict the content campaigns that I can run for high value donors?


An NLP-powered chatbot for users to streamline donor interactions by 

  • Interacting and automating workflow on Donor Management & Fundraising.AI
  • Providing instant answers to your donor profile, donations, and campaign performance-related queries

Question that DIGITRAIL.AI helps to answer:

  • How can I spend less time on tracking outreach, touch points, and setting up schedules and more time on working with donors?


Get analytics and insights that reveal trends in donor behavior and monitor fundraising campaign performances with self-service reports like the Donations by Content Report, the Fundraising Campaign Report, the Fundraising Progress and Trend Report, and others.

Questions that DIGITRAIL Reports helps to answer:

  • How are my campaigns performing?
  • What is the total count of donors for this month and how many of them are new?


How it Works


Import data from API or DB into the Azure SQL Data Warehouse and transform it


Power BI custom visual SDK and embedded reporting for high-quality user experience

Advanced Analytics

ML and Algorithms for personalized communication in custom event recommendations

AI-Powered Bot

Azure for hosting server and bot application, and Microsoft Cognitive Services (LUIS)