Power BI MicroStrategy Connector

The Challenge

Power BI has become an increasingly popular tool for exploring and visualizing data. Microsoft’s vast developer ecosystem makes it a particularly attractive option for companies that have already built solutions using other Microsoft products, and have an in-house development team proficient with the Microsoft stack.

However, it does have some of the same drawbacks related to data governance and large datasets that Tableau has and as a product it still needs to mature. Here’s where MicroStrategy’s capabilities in providing high-quality, governed, drillable data makes a difference.

The Solution

Third I’s Power BI-MicroStrategy Connector allows Power BI users to seamlessly connect to, and interact with MicroStrategy reports. 

Built using Power BI’s Data Connector SDK, it allows users to browse the MicroStrategy metadata in an intuitive interface within Power BI Desktop. The SDK provides an extension to the connectivity engine that powers the “Get Data” experience in Power BI and Excel.

The connector leverages MicroStrategy’s security framework so data-level and object-level security will be carried over from the MicroStrategy metadata.

What Ships as Part of the Solution

  • A Power BI connector (.MEZ) file
  • A plugin for MicroStrategy Web (ASP or JSP version) 
  • Configuration-driven MicroStrategy setup
  • Support for static reports
  • Standard authentication for MicroStrategy. Any other authentication will require additional customization and service hours.


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