Corporate Travel Management: Smarter safer travel, driven by data.

What is TravelSights?



  • TravelSights is a data management and analytics solution that sources data from POS systems such as Amadeus, Galileo, and Sabre in disparate formats, across multiple time zones and currencies.
  • It provides deep insights into travel costs and multiple modes of transport segregated based on different geographies. The Risk Management/Operations team can understand yearly trends in costs; track advance purchases vs. last-minute purchases and changes in travel plans; and monitor out-of-compliance bookings.
  • TravelSights provides granular level information by breaking down trips across the globe according to varied transport modes, geographies, and online vs. offline bookings. This deep analysis along with real-time tracking of trips and crises across the globe ensures risk mitigation and employee safety.


  • Track top travel destinations from multiple geographies
  • Mitigate security risk by tracking sensitive locations impacting travel worldwide
  • Check compliance and compare advanced purchases vs. last moment purchases and travel plan changes
  • Track companywide spend on travel using data from different global distribution systems, including Amadeus, Galileo, and Sabre


Key Features

Slice data using dashboard interactive features, and drill to trip and employee details to gather insights

Use custom D3 visualizations to track employee travel across globe through different modes of travel

iPhone and iPad notifications to alert travelers and mitigate risk by changing travel plan for impacted locations