As pressures mount on sourcing and procurement teams, organizations are pressed to find ways to enhance their skill sets, while also supporting their existing infrastructure. Rather than simply implementing project-based sourcing initiatives, some companies prefer an arrangement where AArete team members are embedded in their sourcing team, working hand-in-hand to drive accelerated results and enhanced ROI from within the organization. AArete provides the market intelligence and knowledge transfer of best practices, while filling skill gaps and acting as a force multiplier to accelerate and maximize your results.

In co-sourcing projects, we bring the same advantages we do to traditional strategic sourcing projects, including our: 

  • Cross-industry market intelligence
  • Data analytics tools
  • Focus on actionable insights and implementation
  • Preference for cutting costs without cutting headcount
  • Collaborative approach through knowledge transfer
  • Emphasis on achieving results with incumbent vendors 

Through co-sourcing, you can achieve desired results while helping your existing team learn best practices from the experts.