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Seamlessly inform decisions to drive real-time process optimization with rithmiqAI®

rithmiqAI is a process and productivity improvement solution that identifies areas for efficiency gains across your organization. Once connected to your workforce applications, rithmiqAI creates an end-to-end digital footprint of your operations, offering you full visibility across your processes. Next, rithmiqAI runs a series of algorithms to identify real-time improvement opportunities for process optimization, and service capacity adjustments and automates workflows to eliminate repetitive efforts – empowering people to focus on work that truly matters.

The Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) space is full of tools proven to drive solid insights (e.g., AIOps, BI Platforms, and Automation Engines) but limited on platforms that specialize in continually providing real-time actionable business insights from diverse data sources. Learn more about how rithmiqAI makes businesses more agile and competitive by harnessing actionable insights from structured and unstructured data.

Benefits of rithmiqAI

Improve SLA Compliance


Optimize Allocation
of Resources


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Learn from your data to find your rhythm

Leveraging your data from multiple systems, our Process Map helps visualize your workflow from beginning to end. By examining these processes, you can improve your workflows and, quickly and objectively pinpointing bottlenecks, rework and inefficiencies.

Your process improvement strategy and opportunities are unique. AArete partners with you to identify and implement rithmiqAI module(s) in combination with our strategic and technical data science and dev/ops expertise to transform your business operations.


To get started, rithmiqAI examines all aspects of an organization’s operational digital footprint


With output from the rithmiqAI application, AArete uncovers the bottlenecks, roadblocks, and unprofitable aspects limiting an organization’s potential


Together, with AArete resources and guidance, we identify where and how to insert efficiencies and improve service levels for any process within your organization


AArete project management ensures long term success to improve an organization’s bottom line and measure the overall gain

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