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In the intricate landscape of healthcare payer administration, executives are constantly navigating a myriad of challenges. These include complex decision-making processes, the integration of advanced technology, and the crucial task of meeting the needs of diverse constituents such as members, providers, and regulators. As health insurance increasingly adopts a consumer-centric view, plans are facing unprecedented price pressures, compelling executives to grapple with the paradox of achieving more with fewer resources. In response to these escalating demands, AArete steps in with a multi-faceted approach to General and Administrative (G&A) cost reduction. Our strategies not only enhance transparency in operational comparisons with like-payers and competitors but also offer contextualized benchmarking for effective cost management. Unlike most, we don’t just pose recommendations, we implement to ensure client value is realized. These approaches are meticulously tailored to the unique demands of each organization and are designed to align technical and operational resources for efficient outcome delivery.

AArete’s Approach to G&A Cost Reduction 

AArete’s approach to healthcare general & administrative cost improvement provides transparency to a competitive baseline and is paired with healthcare expertise to tangibly improve functional area cost efficiency.

With years of expertise in healthcare and a refined cost-reduction methodology, AArete is adept at providing and implementing customized, reliable recommendations. Serving over 100 health plans, our deep understanding of each functional area positions us to recommend and implement practical strategies that not only reduce costs but also transform operations. AArete has been a pioneer in championing G&A cost reduction for over a decade, leveraging robust market intelligence, precise analytics, and proactive implementation efforts. Our solutions empower Health Plans to offer more competitive products, underpinned by a sustainable infrastructure of operational excellence.

AArete Payer G&A Areas of Expertise: 

  • Functional area expense assessment 
  • Functional area output analysis 
  • Expense and operational KPI hot spot analysis 
  • People, Process, Technology (PPT) assessments 
  • IT infrastructure deep dive 
  • Transformation road mapping 
  • Hands-on implementation support 
  • Vendor portfolio assessments 
  • Consolidation and service optimization strategies 
  • Vendor cost/benefit analysis 
  • Vendor negotiation support  
  • Vendor service implementation  
  • Vendor performance management transformation  

Our Healthcare Payer G&A Cost Reduction Work

Let’s Build a Customized G&A Plan for You

Having served over 100 health plans, AArete possesses a deep understanding of the Payer space and each functional area. This knowledge, combined with our foundational expertise in cost reduction to drive profitability, allows us to recommend and implement practical strategies that not only reduce costs but also transform operations.

Our Administrative Cost Reduction Experts

John Marchisin

John Marchisin

Managing Director

Jeff Schacht

Managing Director