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The complexity of managing drug spend cuts across both medical and pharmacy benefits. While spend under the medical benefit has increased over the years, there has been some swing back to the pharmacy benefit as of late.  Regardless of the benefit, payers, provider, PBMs and employers need a holistic view of drug spend and utilization along with a comprehensive approach to optimizing drug therapy to lower costs without negatively impacting quality.  This requires an integrated approach to data, systems, and processes.  Our team of pharmacy and healthcare experts bring a unique set of skills that combines clinical, operational, financial and technology experience to address our clients’ needs.   As an independent firm, AArete works as a strategic partner to develop sustainable solutions with your goals as our priority. 

Who We Serve 

Health Plans

Government-funded and commercial health plans seeking innovative solutions for reducing costs and elevating member experience and care quality


Retail, specialty, and hospital pharmacies committed to member experience and optimizing drug therapy

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)

Innovative companies seeking creative solutions to improve the management of pharmacy benefits for health plans and employers.

Employer Groups

Employers eager to lower drug costs and improve employee healthcare experience

Our Experience Supporting Healthcare Organizations

The breadth and depth of our market intelligence derived from medical and pharmacy claims data analytics is unmatched. Our approach is personal and customized: we embrace industry best practices while prioritizing the unique set of challenges faced by each health plan.


Health Plans


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Featured Services

Trend Management

Through analysis of medical and pharmacy claims data, AArete’s Payment Intelligence® helps analyze drug spend and identify opportune areas for reducing overall cost of care. Depending on your unique goals, AArete leverages our pharmacy experts and best practices to develop strategies to reduce costs.

How We Serve:

Health Plans

Driving down cost of care through:

  • PBM Procurement, contract assessment, and Performance Management
  • Program assessments and audits
  • Network and Benefit Design
  • Prior Authorization Effectiveness
  • Manufacturer Value-Based Contracting
  • Cross-benefit drug management


Enhancing pharmacy performance through:

  • Drug purchasing optimization
  • Operational improvements

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)

Optimizing revenue through:

  • Growth Strategies
  • Operational Improvements
  • Digital and Technology

Employer Groups

Strategic Advisor of pharmacy benefits:

  • PBM Procurement, contract assessment, and Performance Management
  • Lowest Net Cost Strategies
  • Specialty Drug Carve-Ins/Outs
  • Optimizing Manufacturer Discount Programs

Infrastructure Advisory

Siloed operations can make achieving enterprise goals challenging. Leaning on data and promoting tech-enabled solutions, AArete supports a range of pharmacy operations needs to drive profitability improvement.  AArete’s mission is to optimize people, process, and technology, improve systems, and synchronize cost of care data for pharmacy operation value.

How We Serve:

Health Plans

Improving the bottom line by driving down operational efficiencies through:

  • Organizational Structure Alignment
  • Operations Assessment
  • Pharmacy Benefit Administration
  • Analytics and Reporting

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)

Innovating solutions for optimal growth potential through:

  • Pricing model assessment
  • Growth strategy
  • Process Improvement

Employer Groups

Providing unbiased pharmacy benefits management support through:

  • Independent Evaluation of PBM Performance and Oversight
  • Serving as a Liaison Between Employer and PBM
  • Reporting and Analytics

The AArete Difference

No Bias; Just Results
AArete is an independent firm committed to your specific objectives.

Market Intelligence

Data-Driven Strategies


Pharmacy Insights

Let’s Talk About Your Pharmacy Needs

Whether you’re looking for a consulting partner who can adapt to your health plan’s specific needs and drive results, or just curious about our services and solutions, let’s talk.

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