Automated Code Testing

In today’s fast-paced world of software development, efficient and comprehensive testing is the linchpin of delivering reliable and functional applications. To provide our clients with the reliability and functionality they require, AArete leverages cutting-edge automated code testing solutions that leverages capabilities, adaptability, and integrations from multiple platforms. This method provides a comprehensive testing approach, covering web applications, mobile applications, and API testing, all the while enhancing resource management and scalability.

We will delve into how AArete’s approach to automated testing brings advantages like time efficiency, enhanced productivity, versatility, scalability and ultimately reduced development cost to the realm of software testing processes.

Automated Code Testing By Platform

Web Automation: A Seamless Experience

Effortless Web Interaction: We streamline the testing process by empowering testers to seamlessly interact with web elements, navigate through web pages, and execute a variety of user actions, from button clicks to form submissions and content validation.

Cross-Browser Compatibility: With robust cross-browser support and compatibility across Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and more, we ensure thorough testing across various platforms, providing invaluable support for web development teams.

Real-World Example: AArete successfully employs our owns practices to automate web testing for numerous in-house applications, resulting in fine-tuned processes and reduced manual effort.

Mobile Automation:
Extending the Reach

Mobile App Testing: Enable the automation of native mobile applications and mobile web applications on both Android and iOS platforms. Testers can utilize familiar syntax and commands to streamline mobile app UI interaction and functionality testing.

API Testing:
Beyond UI Testing

Dual Functionality: AArete’s automated testing approach goes beyond UI testing and excels in API testing. Testers can craft HTTP requests to APIs and validate responses using popular programming languages like Python, Java, or C#. Leveraging libraries such as Requests (Python), RestAssured (Java), or HttpClient (C#), to encompasses both UI and API testing within a unified framework.

Testing Integrations

To expedite testing times and deployments, AArete leverages integrations with both Selenium Grid and Docker to deliver exceptional client value in our automated testing.

Selenium Grid:
Scaling for Efficiency

Parallel Testing: To enhance efficiency and scalability, our automated testing integrates seamlessly with Selenium Grid. Selenium Grid facilitates distributed test execution across multiple nodes and browsers simultaneously, dramatically reducing test execution time.

Docker Integration:
Streamlining Deployment

Containerized Testing Environments: In the era of containerization, AArete’s Docker Integration streamlines the deployment of testing environments. By containerizing testing environments and dependencies, it ensures consistency across different stages of development, eliminating the notorious “it works on my machine” challenge.