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M&A and Post-Merger Integration Consulting

Historically, organic growth was the primary mechanism to remain competitive in today’s fluctuating business landscape. Increasingly, organizations seek growth through mergers and acquisitions to unlock or expedite synergies that organic growth cannot deliver. If all the people, processes, and technologies work together effectively, the new company can do more with less. The only way to achieve the desired synergies of an integration is through a successful integration. AArete’s post-merger integration support creates lasting value for clients by transforming the theories and identified opportunities of an integration into measurable results. Our M&A framework expertise spans the entire deal lifecycle, from initial due diligence and evaluation, through post-merger synergy identification and implementation.

When a management team makes the decision to acquire, AArete provides the capabilities that the organization needs to ensure that maximum value will be realized. Our teams of experienced M&A consultants collaborate with organizations throughout all pre-close activities to drive required deliverables in a rapid fashion. We leverage our advanced data analytics capabilities and proprietary market intelligence to support our client teams and add critical industry expertise to the due diligence process. Following target selection, AArete’s proven M&A integration framework, tools and technologies create a flexible integration strategy that allows us to satisfy your pre-Day 1 needs.

After deal closure, we drive the potential synergies to realization as quickly as possible. Our teams apply a proven methodology to synthesize all key disciplines of both organizations to minimize redundancy, complexity and cost structure of the new entity. AArete’s post-merger integration support services are designed to stabilize the organization’s foundational capabilities in a compressed time-frame, allowing for a quick transition from tactical integration to recognizing the entire strategic value of the acquisition. Our teams have a vast amount of experience navigating complex value traps and are capable of guiding the organization through transformational change to achieve its desired state.