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The cloud represents a tremendous opportunity for organizations to move faster and smarter through real-time data connectivity at a low cost. As a result, the set of hosting solutions are growing, making cloud navigation more complex. 

The AArete Cloud Transformation Services for AWS/Microsoft Azure helps clients maximize their cloud investment. We provide the strategic input and know-how to architect and execute a personalized at-scale cloud migration plan, enabling you to capture new business value through rapid cloud-native application development.

We support organizations on their journey of moving applications, data, and support to a pure or hybrid cloud, develop a lift-and-shift strategy for legacy applications or adopt cloud-first applications, and advise on public vs. private cloud and security considerations.

Key Elements of Our Approach


Our cloud architects will analyze your existing architecture, understand your business needs, and perform a total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis so you can make an informed infrastructure decision. 

  • Understand business, security, and compliance goals 
  • Analyze existing architecture and technical constraints
  • Select the right cloud platform
  • Identify pilot applications for proof of concept (POC)
  • Prioritize applications, dependencies, and risks
  • Align stakeholders on roadmap and required resources

Design & Build

We’ll design and build a custom AWS environment that meets your security and compliance requirements while optimizing for agility and cost-efficiency.

  • Design secure, compliant cloud reference architecture
  • Develop and build a Minimum Viable Cloud
  • Implement security and compliance controls
  • Install third-party tools
  • Integrate your CI/CD pipeline with our infrastructure automation
  • Use templates to prepare your cloud to scale

Migrate & Go Live

We meticulously manage the migration process to provide a production-ready cloud environment and enable your team to support it.

  • Choose the right cloud-native or third-party tool for data migration
  • Deploy Migration Factory to migrate applications in waves 
  • Test and refine your cloud application 
  • Train and transfer knowledge
  • Executive presentation and hand-off

Our Work

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Whether you want to assess how your business can benefit from cloud or if you have questions regarding our service offerings, get in touch with us. 

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Jeremiah Nace

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