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AArete helps companies envision a bolder marketplace proposition and develop a practical and cost-effective roadmap that positions them to unlock new business value from the digital economy.

From allocating spend on marketing media to monitoring patient health to predicting future claims, a hypercompetitive world increasingly relies on accurate, complete, and real-time data to help diagnose and prescribe an optimal course of action. 

A new set of technologies are emerging to help companies better leverage their data and improve their decision-making: from analytics platforms to purpose-built appliances, cloud databases, ML/AI platforms and more.

AArete’s blended teams of technologists, industry leaders, and data scientists can help you design cost-effective strategies to translate big data into personalized insights and integrate modern technology to empower your organization to unlock its potential. 

Featured Services

Analytics Platform Evaluation

  • Evaluate current state of analytics
  • Identify challenges and unique requirements
  • Drive vendor process to identify practical and economic platform options
  • Plan and implement transition from current systems to future state

Enterprise Data Strategy

  • Co-create a data strategy
  • Evaluate data governance practices and drive improvements
  • Identify data quality issues, estimate impacts, and implement processes and technologies to solve them
  • Reduce client risk by formalizing processes for ingesting, accessing, and ultimately disposing of data
  • Create a maintainable, extensible technical framework
  • Identify and incorporate key supporting processes

Cloud Strategy

  • Identify opportunities and risks
  • Evaluate platforms
  • Manage migration

Data Security Assessment

  • Identify key data assets
  • Evaluate current state of data security both in motion and at rest
  • Recommend new processes and technologies to reduce exposure and risk

Agile Coaching and Project Management

  • Provide training and coaching for key practices for agile
  • Adapt common methodologies (i.e., Scrum) to fit the client’s team, culture, and unique circumstances
  • Provide experienced resources for critical positions to accelerate learning and performance

Platform Performance Tuning

  • Measure current performance to establish baseline for improvement
  • Evaluate system architecture from perspective of hardware and network
  • Evaluate software platform, such as OS, database, ETL and analytics software
  • Evaluate solution configuration to identify issues in data design, data transformations, reporting schema design, or dashboard design which contribute to performance issues

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