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Environmental, social & governance strategies built to deliver unique business value

There’s a demand for profound change in how environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are measured, evaluated, and acted upon. The demand is driven by evolving community and marketplace expectations, as well as regulatory bodies, who are moving from guidelines to mandates.  Advanced corporations are learning that diversity and sustainability should be viewed as strategic business imperatives that deliver business value as well as meet the expectations of a strong global citizen.

AArete is supporting businesses and institutions across all industries to receive greater value from their sustainability and supplier diversity programs.  Working to establish customized strategies and actions to achieve business targets, we convert policy to results.

AArete’s core ESG consulting solutions focus on: 

Sustainability & Scope 3

AArete offers a sustainability solution that focuses on helping companies become leaders in ESG practices and reporting. The methodology involves conducting a current state assessment, creating a customized reduction plan, providing a progress dashboard, aligning with third-party standards, and ensuring vendor compliance. The solution leverages data-driven AI-powered technology to identify areas where maximum benefit can be achieved, particularly in evaluating and recommending ways to reduce Scope 3 emissions. By automating reporting and providing up-to-date estimates of emissions, AArete enables companies to allocate more time to project implementation and less time on compliance reporting.

Supplier Diversity

Supplier diversity and financial decision-making are often thought of as contradictory forces. This is a misconception. By investing in DEI initiatives alongside your financial strategy, you can uncover a range of benefits. With robust market intelligence, AArete can transform your procurement functions to integrate diverse suppliers, helping achieve DEI initiatives, while ensuring alignment with market value. By partnering with AArete and taking advantage of our expertise in supplier diversity, your organization can reap the rewards of a more inclusive and competitive supply chain, while also contributing to positive social change. 

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