How to Measure Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

What Contributes to the Carbon Footprint of a Company?

What Is the Impact of Scope 1, 2, and 3 Emissions?

Key Components Needed for Measurement

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  • Measurement and reporting goals for business activities
  • List of all owned or controlled assets
  • Utility bills for every company location
  • Receipts for any fuel purchased outside of utilities
  • Procurement data of goods and services
  • Spend data of business travel
  • Additional data like employee commuting data, investment data, onsight solar, and any renewable energy credits the company has purchased 
  • Advanced measurement tool with a carbon calculator to streamline data collection and improve analysis

Software Solution to Help You Accurately & Easily Measure GHG Emissions

How to Use Your Chosen Solution for Carbon Footprint Calculations and Analysis

Calculation Requirements

Setting Up Reports by Scope

How to Reduce Scope 1, 2, and 3 Emissions

How Other Companies Have Reduced Environmental Impact after Software Implementation

Higher Education Institution Reaches Net Zero Using AAchieve.ESG

  • Situation: The university was experiencing high emissions but was unsure which categories and suppliers they were coming from. They needed support identifying the sources of emissions so they could take action.
  • Approach: We integrated and configured AAchieve.ESG on their behalf to analyze a year of their spending data and determine where sources of high emissions came from.
  • Results: The data from AAchieve.ESG revealed that facilities, IT, and professional services were significant contributors to their carbon footprint. By understanding the sources of emissions, we developed a roadmap for them to reach net zero, identifying benchmarks and establishing ongoing reporting. This helped them move forward with a strategic approach to reducing their emissions and aligning with their suppliers on sustainability goals.

Private University Achieves Cost Savings and Reputational Gains Through Transportation Optimization

  • Situation: Private university saw a need for assessment of current transportation services (student commuting shuttles, faculty mobility, staff vehicles). In conjunction with our software solution, we helped them craft inventive solutions to reduce expenses and augment service levels, aligning with university values and educational goals.
  • Approach: We used results generated by AAchieve.ESG to help the university move toward an on-demand model of transportation instead of a fixed schedule system. They also decided to upgrade their vehicles to be powered by natural gas.
  • Results: What the university saw from the changes they made based on the data was a drastic reduction in wait times, enhanced service to their students and staff, impressive cost reduction, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, a healthier campus environment and an improved reputation.

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