University’s Vendor Relationships Analyzed, Resulting in 20% Savings

This is an AArete Higher Education insight


AArete partnered with a major research university on a focused effort to extract value from their third-party vendor relationships. The focus of this effort included strategic cost reduction, innovative best practices, modernization of administrative technologies, improvement of processes and policies, and maximizing any value-add opportunities. The source of this case study envelope Dall third-party relationships and supporting tools/processes for the university.


AArete combined their robust market intelligence with a team of supply market experts and industry consultants to execute on a multi-year roadmap to expand cost savings and improved value for the campus. Combing through this data with a proven approach, AArete was able to use a hands-on methodology to implement the findings.


The university received over 20% in overall savings and $60M in extracted value including:

  • Hard-dollar cost savings
  • Enhanced partnership opportunities including scholarships, sponsorships, and more
  • Industry-leading ESG strategies, including the elimination of single-use plastics
  • Modernization of processes and tools to support sustainable outcomes

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