Field Services: Shift Left

This is an AArete rithmiqAI Insight


Field Service activities are the most expensive activities in service operations and are fraught with inefficiencies, lack of competencies, and breaks in the supply chain. Rather than being performed onsite, non-hardware and non-performance incidents can be resolved remotely or “shifted left” in a more cost-efficient manner.


The Field Service module is used to identify how non-hardware and non-performance incidents can be routed to remote groups for processing, or “shifting left”, which reduces the work allocated to field service units. The Knowledge Graph and Effort Model foundational module and the Process Mining module can map the work and agents through a variety of systems to quantify the effort and impact.


Having an effort-driven picture allowed identification of opportunities and their key components achieved, which resulted in:
• 15% cost reduction in direct costs
• 30% improvement in resolution time