Restaurant Chain’s Data Quality Reviewed; System Downtime Reduced by 70%

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Our client, a fast-growing, health-conscious Australian restaurant chain, faced some growing pains when they expanded from 20 restaurants to more than 125 restaurants in six short years. The need for more complex reporting was apparent as their management team grew. Limited MicroStrategy experience, combined with a huge amount of data, posed a challenge for their team as their legacy reporting tool could only provide basic sales and operational insights.


AArete worked with the client to create a scalable, easy-to-use data analytics system. By moving from old VBA code to a robust Microsoft SSIS implementation, we improved our client’s data quality. SSIS allowed us to add data checkpoints, error handling, and troubleshooting features including detailed logs.


The result was better visibility of all operations for better insights with capability of a deeper reporting system. There was improved reporting and dashboard performance, along with a reduced system downtime by 70% with faster data processing. We provided a modern and user-friendly reporting portal with easy navigation and help with a flexible data model to set up new stores within a day and add new products in hours. Overall, there were reduced ETL load issues by 50% and this, in turn, helped improve data quality.

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