An Aviation Firm Migrates From Legacy BI System Along With Data Warehouse To Power BI

Tech Stack: Power BI, Microsoft Azure SQL Database/Data Warehouse, Oracle BI, Azure Data Factory, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Pipelines

About the Client

Business Need

Our Technology Solution

  1. Initially established the connection to the Oracle source system
  2. Provided a Blob storage as a destination where the blocks of data is to be stored. Each block here creates a new file in the Blob.
  3. Used Azure Copy data component to copy the data from the source to the Blob Storage in blocks.
  4. Once all the blocks of data were moved to the Blob Storage, we created Data Pipelines to pull data from the Blob to the Azure SQL.


  • Ease of managing large volumes of data accumulated from the aircraft sensors into log files
  • Real-time business insights to boost sales and optimize operational & functional costs
  • Eliminating data loading errors and significantly reduced data load time
  • Building reports in Power BI that provided near real-time analytics and actionable insights for its aircraft maintenance needs