As Blockchain Hype Fades, Developers Give Ethereum a Serious Look

A couple of years ago, proponents touted the blockchain, the underlying technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as a solution to nearly every business problem. Investment money flooded in. But many of those early proofs of concept fizzled out and the hype died down.

Now, however, the noise about blockchain’s superpowers is fading, according to analysts like Gartner. With the hype settling down, companies are starting to look at blockchain with a more realistic, practical-minded approach — and starting to zero in on those applications where the technology’s advantages make sense.

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John is a highly experienced Managing Director responsible for leading AArete’s Technology Solutions group, advising clients on technology strategy, development and implementation with a focus on profitability improvement, cost reduction and increased operational efficiencies. With experience working cross-sector as a CIO / CTO for high profile organizations such as HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, Harrods and Barclays, he gained a track record of creating key change capabilities for complex business demands through technology solution delivery. Prior to joining AArete, he founded technology consultancies and spent 10+ years directing his company’s technical management and product development strategies. John is a graduate of Sheffield Hallam University, where he completed Master programmes in Enterprise Systems Management and IT Management and is a member of the IET and IEEE.