Employee Engagement Survey Application Created for Technology Company

This is an AArete Digital & Technology Insight


Our client, a technology company, wanted to measure employee satisfaction and engagement through a sophisticated survey system. Their survey process previously involved manual processes including data gathering via spreadsheets. The request was for a responsive web platform that would work on desktop and mobile devices and would allow employees to anonymously submit their responses to pulse questions.


The initial platform was designed on a flexible, modular, open-source stack with AArete’s custom web framework leveraging MVC patterns. AArete created the survey platform to send the surveys to employees. Employees would then complete the survey using their credentials on the portal, with the surveys then being sent back to the database.


The result was better visibility of all operations for better insights with capability of a deeper reporting system. There was improved reporting and response data from the survey application was aggregated and presented through a custom analytics platform, which provided prescriptive next steps to the HR team. The entire platform was built with a responsive layout to support mobile and desktop.