Call Center Optimizes Customer Service Through Access to Service Capacity Insight

This is an AArete rithmiqAI Insight


An improvement in customer service was needed by a BPO for, specifically, a decrease in call answer time. The underlying issue was identified as the help desk answering calls too slowly and their service level agreement causing more than $250K in penalties per month.


Using Service Capacity modules, rithmiqAI connected real-time transactional data, as well as log data from ticketing systems, workforce management, telephony, chat logs, and alert systems.


By suggesting shifts in scheduling patterns, the call answer time was cut from 1 minute to a reasonable 30 seconds without any increase in staff. There were also:

  • $3M in annual savings
  • 50% reduction in call answer time
  • Elimination of SLA penalties
  • 20% increase in customer satisfaction