Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Consult Leads to Labor Efficiency and Annual Recurring Savings

This is an AArete Higher Education Insight


A higher education client approached AArete about assessing the current operations of their facility and plant stores and technicians. It was identified that their inventory management process was broken and that was limiting the effectiveness of their technicians. The client approached AArete about solving these challenges.


AArete assessed the historical purchasing patterns and shadowed the team to establish a gap analysis on the current processes. Building on the gap analysis, AArete established a materials acquisition operating model that both support improved cost reduction and labor efficiency.


AArete used a data-centric approach to identify improved operations including the outsourcing of the stores to a vendor-owned inventory structure, improved processes to streamline delivery of goods and eliminate redundant tasks or waste in technician operations. This led to:

  • 17% labor efficiency
  • 22% annual reoccurring savings

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