AArete Reduced 35% of ERP & Other Key Tech Vendors Spend, Realizing $24M in Savings


A mid-sized healthcare provider was seeking flexible and efficient Strategic Profitability Improvement solutions that would consolidate functions under one seamless cloud-based ERP, ideally through optimizing their existing Tech Enterprise agreement. 


AArete hosted design workshops and stakeholder interviews to understand all license requirements and organization needs. From those learnings, AArete helped craft a custom-fit solution through selection and negotiation. 


Through contract negotiations, AArete was able to deliver $9.5M in value with for the 3-year Tech Enterprise Agreement, achieving a cost reduction of $2.5M while also adding $7M of additional software/ features. With a separate agreement, AArete created $14M in value, including $8M in negotiated savings, $5M in added features, and nearly $600k in credits. Negotiated additional value in both contracts included volume tiered discounts, renewal caps, price hold on other features and scheduled roll out of modules, among other features and benefits. 

Download the PDF here.