AArete Launches Mobile App To Address Workplace COVID-19 Infection Risk

CHICAGO, May 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — AArete, a global management and technology consulting firm, announced that it has developed a mobile web-app powered solution, “Digital PassTM,” for organizations to manage a return to work, workplace infection risks and capacity restrictions.

The “Digital Pass” was developed to tackle one of the biggest challenges of the post COVID-19 outbreak: the proper protocol to re-entering physical workplace locations and other social settings while also minimizing risk of infection. The solution enables transparency by monitoring the well-being of employees, contractors, and visitors when returning to work. Authenticated employees and contractors answer a set of questions, based on CDC and state guidelines, that generate two scannable responses: clearance to proceed to work, or an alert to consult with a supervisor before arriving. The solution also features a reservation system for office space occupancy and entry/exit scheduling, helping organizations abide by capacity guidelines and regulations.

“While organizations have been nimble and adjusted to temporary remote operations in the short term, we’re trying to optimistically shift the focus on how to transition back to ‘the next normal,'” said Loren Trimble, CEO and Managing Director at AArete. “Get the base product in place and operating, then the beauty of this solution is it can very easily adapt to client’s specific requests as well as to unexpected future changes. We will use this to protect our people and our firm going forward.”

AArete is a HITRUST-certified firm that understands the importance of keeping sensitive information protected. For this reason, organizations can feel confident in the security and encryption of employee data. Digital Pass takes this data and provides secure analytics for workplace executive administrators to analyze patterns in symptoms at each location and compare to local infection trends, and for management to estimate staff on-site availability.

“As employees and contractors return to the workplace, business leaders are thinking about proactive ways to protect staff health and improve confidence. The Digital Pass is an intuitive solution that combines secure data and more importantly, actionable analytics to offer organizations an immediate, guidelines-based solution,” said Bhrugu Pange, Managing Director and Technology Solutions practice lead at AArete.

To learn more about this application – please contact AArete via this link. While this may be immediately beneficial for industries with essential workers, such as healthcare, transportation, logistics, distribution, retail and financial services, this solution is offered for all industries.

About AArete
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