University’s Knowledge Management Strategy & Infrastructure Created and Implemented

This is an AArete Higher Education Insight


A University approached AArete to create a Knowledge Management strategy, policy, and approach for the IT infrastructure department utilizing Confluence and SharePoint as Knowledge Management tools.

The university had no centralized document depository or a process for preserving key documents (IT playbooks, institutional knowledge, network maps/configurations, how-to’s, etc.) prior to this initiative. The University wanted to establish a strategy to ensure consistency and visibility.


AArete evaluated the existing infrastructure and identified Confluence as the best technical path forward. The team constructed a pilot workspace in the cloud version of Confluence to serve as the tool for the Knowledge base.

AArete designed the space to the unique specifications of the client and optimized the space via rules and permissions for access and data sharing. AArete created a Knowledge Management policy for the IT department in collaboration with the Associate CIO to address the lack of centralized Knowledge Management behaviors within the department.


The functionality for the university was greatly enhanced through the cloud Confluence knowledge base and will serve as a framework for various other departments at the University.

AArete delivered a complete Knowledge Management policy to the University outlining KM objectives, definitions, roles & responsibilities, and policies and procedures unique to them. AArete hosted training sessions around Knowledge Management and Confluence to aid in familiarity, adoption, and change management.

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