AArete Improves Sustainability Protocols for Higher-Ed Client’s Managed Print Operations, Yielding $1.1M+ in Annual Reoccurring Cost Savings

This is an AArete Higher Education Insight


A University approached AArete about deploying a managed print strategy for their entire campus. The campus had over 1,000 devices, ranging in age from 1 month to 20 years old. Additionally, the campus had no standard security protocols and wanted to implement a uniform strategy to support the university grounds.


AArete established a best-in-class program that optimized the MFD fleet across the campus, factoring in user counts, distance-to-device, and print volumes. Additionally, AArete partnered with IT and Security leaders to establish optimized security protocols, as well as improved functionality on the campus, such as a “follow-me” print.


AArete successfully deployed the program across the campus, resulting in $1.1M in annual reoccurring cost savings, an improved ordering and service process, and an optimized printer fleet. AArete also assisted in helping the University implement improved security protocols, sustainability protocols and an enhanced internal support model.

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