Comprehensive Oncology Management: Connecting the Dots for Member Benefit and Health Plan Value

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Revamping Oncology Care: Comprehensive Approach to Seamless Care and Enhanced Patient Experience

Traditional oncology management often leaves patients navigating a complex and uncoordinated system, resulting in a disjointed approach to their care. This article advocates for the implementation of a comprehensive oncology management program that facilitates better coordination among clinicians, patients, and caregivers from diagnosis through end-of-life care. The complexities of cancer care necessitate a thorough understanding of the total cost and quality drivers, along with a coordinated approach across different facets of health plan functions, thus offering potential benefits such as improved patient experience, higher quality of care, and reduced costs. The piece argues that the rapid advancements in drug therapy and the changing landscape of care delivery, accelerated by the pressures of the recent pandemic, necessitate a more coordinated approach that aligns strategic direction, optimizes benefits, and considers the overall member and provider experiences.

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