Certified Partner

For over a decade, Microsoft has been positioned as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics platforms. As a Microsoft partner, AArete has built a practice that combines scalable usage, hybrid data storage, self-service dashboarding and cost efficiency in deploying the tech stack: SQL Server, Integration Services, Reporting Services and Power BI deployed quickly and securely on Azure and/or on premise.

We offer strategy, design, development and support services so you can focus on your core competencies while we build out your enterprise-strength information supply chain.  

Our Microsoft Stack

Power BI

Build enterprise-ready analytics solution using a mix of Microsoft’s BI offerings: Power BI, SSRS, SSAS on top of high-performance ETL using SSIS.

Microsoft Azure

Embrace your data platform and analytics needs with thoughtfully designed architectures of radical and cost effective IaaS and PaaS solutions.

Microsoft BI Services


Design and build solutions that meet your requirements with a focus on performance as well as user experience.


Build highly optimized data models/integration layers over discrete source systems that suit your BI solutions using Microsoft SQL Server and SSIS.


Get easy to use, fully integrated and secure reporting solution that could be easily scaled to thousands of users using SSRS and leveraging SSAS cubes to deliver actionable insights.


Transform your data into stunning reports with interactive and modern data visualizations powered by Microsoft Power BI.

Support & Enhancement

With established processes designed to optimize the value of your existing ETL/reporting investment, get all the support you are looking for.

Power BI Architecture

Power BI Case Studies

Azure Services

Data Migration

Manage your infrastructure maintenance, IT support and server licensing costs with an architecture that provides a holistic BI cloud advisory managed services.

Data Platforms

Build, transform, store and access unstructured and structured data in real time for performance monitoring with Azure SQL Database and Data lakes.

Data Analytics

Track growth and improve business efficiency by leveraging advanced analytics tools and harnessing the power of data.

IoT Platform & Analytics

Act on real-time information in insightful ways with IoT to improve process efficiencies and customer experiences using advanced analytics and alerts.


Optimize BI applications and data infrastructure using Microsoft Azure services with our highly experienced and certified consultants.

Cortana Intelligence Suite

Build BI & data infrastructure roadmaps through Azure assessment and planning services by our highly experienced and Microsoft certified consultants.

Azure SQL

A fully-managed relational cloud database service. Migrate your workloads to Azure SQL Database and improve the way you are using it today.

Azure Data

Discover how your business can utilize Microsoft’s data lake for unlimited storage and analysis of petabyte-size data to power your intelligent applications.

Azure Data

A cloud-based data integration service that helps you design data-driven workflows in the cloud for organizing and automating data movement and data transformation.

Azure Machine Learning

A fully managed machine learning service that helps you bring intelligence to where your data is stored.

Azure Cognitive Services

Harness the power of machine learning and bring advanced intelligence and recommendations to your business functions with Azure Cognitive Services.

Azure Stream Analytics

An event processing service that allows real-time analysis of data through SQL code against streaming data. It enables simultaneous integration of data from Event Hubs to multiple tools.

Azure Event

A highly scalable data streaming platform and event ingestion service that offers robust security to connect apps, devices and software to Azure to send data, events and telemetry.


Build, connect, deploy and manage intelligent bots that naturally interact with your audience, using the complete bot building environment of Bot Framework.