Data Strategy & Enrichment

A lack of actionable data is the biggest hurdle to attaining true digital transformation. Many organizations are unfamiliar with the data they collect; they are unsure whether their data will help achieve their goals, or whether they can unify data from disparate sources into a single version of truth, particularly after mergers or acquisitions. AArete’s approach to data strategy consulting can help answer those questions and develop a strategy that enriches your organization’s existing sources of data.    

An effective data strategy means data governance, stewardship and optimizing data infrastructure. With years of experience and access to valuable resources, AArete can help your organization set up scalable solutions—and implement them. 

At AArete, one of our focal points is data enrichment. We believe that by combining data from multiple sources—across departments, the enterprise, and third parties—we can build a single source of truth: a dataset that accurately portrays the context in which your organization operates. We use our market intelligence and management consulting expertise to leverage drive deep domain experience and help you identify the most appropriate data structures and key performance indicators (KPIs). With a focus on implementation, we help connect the dots for end business users, showing them how to use insights from their data to make better decisions.