Employee Spotlight – Tammy Glenn

Q. How long have you been with AArete and what compelled you to join AArete?

I have been with AArete for a little over 6 ½ years. I was referred by my good friend who was already working here. He let me know that the CEO was looking for an experienced Executive Assistant. Shortly after I expressed interest, I was contacted by HR to discuss the opportunity.

Q. What was your interview experience like?

After chatting with HR on the phone, I was invited into the office to meet with both the CEO and CFO. My interview with Loren Trimble was supposed to only last 45-60 minutes, but we went way past that time! Loren and I really clicked. AArete was still in its early growth stage at that time and I happened to know quite a few people within the company. They all came in to say ‘Hello’ to me during my interview. The whole experience was quite fun. I left feeling really good that day.

Q. Are you involved with any activities or special program at AArete?

I am a member of a sub-committee within AArete’s Women’s Initiative Network (WIN). I also serve as a committee member for AArete’s social justice group, RISE (Racial Initiative for Social Equity). Through RISE, we work to educate people about what is actually happening in various minority groups and how we, as a company and within our community, can help.

Q. What advice could you give to young professionals starting their careers?

It is important to be flexible and know how to work with a variety of personalities and diverse backgrounds. You may be used to a certain style of communication and prefer things done a certain way, but everyone is different and patience is key.

Building strong relationships with colleagues is essential. You want them to know they can count on you for assistance. If someone gives you something to do, you want them to feel confident that you will run with it and get it done properly.

Q. What do you think is important when managing a team?

As a manager, I am very direct, but I am kind with my delivery. When my team is doing a great job, I commend them. When things go a little to the left, I address it right away. I don’t let things fester. I immediately jump on issues to fix the problem so we can all move forward.

Q. As a parent, what is your secret to playing a dual role as a successful working professional?

Balance. When my daughter was young, my wonderful husband was always able to make his own work hours. He was also very hands on with caring for our daughter. I handled bath time and homework in the evening hours and he was in charge during the day. All the thanks is his and there is no way I could have been as successful as I am without him by my side. It’s similar to the coordination within my team. Healthy balance and schedule/time management has played a key role in my success as both a parent and as a working professional.