AArete Enters 2021 With Ambitious, Strong and Expanded Leadership

AArete, a global management consulting firm, is pleased to announce several promotions despite the unique challenges of 2020. With AArete’s people-first culture, 2020 revolved around strengthening client offerings and amplifying employee opportunities, which lead to successful business partnerships and well-earned promotions.

Having joined AArete in 2016, Elizabeth Levy, based out of the Chicago office, has been promoted to Managing Director, having found quick success at AArete leveraging her healthcare industry market intelligence. She specializes in offering clients data-driven solutions resulting in operational efficiencies and cost savings, directly impacting their bottom line.

John Haffey, also promoted to Managing Director, based out of the Los Angeles office, has spent over 10 years consulting, focused on strategy related to process improvement and profitability improvement. Having experience across a range of industries, John specializes in healthcare consulting and has excelled at AArete by working with clients to find custom solutions to their unique issues and concerns.

The following individuals were promoted to a Director role: SueEllen Carroll, Mike Cavanagh, Mike Faraone, Don Maag, Brian Poulter, Annie Ray and Matt Semetulskis, fortifying AArete’s leadership. In addition, Dominique Parris was promoted to Director – Data Engineering within AArete’s Center of Data Excellence (CODE), Matt Trimble was promoted to Director in Business Development.

“The resilience of our clients and employees during this time is inspiring. I’m proud of our accomplishments as a firm, and I attribute that success to our people,” said Loren Trimble, CEO of AArete. “These promotions help AArete continue the trajectory of substantial growth we are seeing as a firm. Our employees’ sustained momentum is part of what defines AArete’s unique and unmatched culture.”

Going into 2021, AArete is well positioned with strong and ambitious leadership committed to client success.

About AArete

AArete is a global management and technology consulting firm specializing in strategic profitability improvement, digital, data analytics and advisory solutions. Our solutions are powered through modern technology and market intelligence with a bias for results. We work across all industries and business functions to optimize profits in a compressed timeframe. AArete humanizes data by translating numbers into actionable insights, helping clients make better decisions and standing by their side to foster change with confidence, empathy and purpose. For more information, visit https://www.aarete.com/.